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Thales Simplicity, Tangential Pivoted, why not more attention?
@gmercer I use on a TechDAS AF5. 
Thales Simplicity, Tangential Pivoted, why not more attention?
I have a Thales Simplicity II and love it. It is extremely well built and the cartridge setup jig makes everything so simple. The support from Thales is also amazing. I got my arm used yet Thales was happy to send me a new hardware set and manual ... 
Does anyone have experience with seller Kron on cartridges?
I once asked him about warranty and he said something like there’s no warranty and don’t contact the manufacturer, any issues should be routed through him. 
AIR TIGHT PC-7 with Shindo preamp.
When I bought mine the dealer said the PC-7 is a loss leader for Air Tight.  
“TAD” Tubes
I tried their EL34 and straight from the box liked them better than Gold Lions.  
Which SUT? .... for .3mv/10 ohms MC cartridge into 3mv MM input sensitivity
Air Tight SUTs have bypass for MM.  
Is it really worth it to get a phono stage over $10k
You’ve wasted that much money on cables and you’re questioning spending money on a better phono stage? 
TechDAS lll experience
It should be no surprise that the AF 3 and 5 look like MS, since the head of TechDAS is from MS. Stella has been around since 1989. I don’t think you need to fear them disappearing.  
TechDAS lll experience
BTW there is a AF V Premium being released soon. 
TechDAS lll experience
Not the AF III, but I have the V. It’s extraordinary. I feel once you go air bearing and vacuum hold down it’s impossible to go back. Very quiet table. The engineering and build quality is really something to behold. It also doesn’t get any easier... 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
Or the PC7 didn’t match the $60k system? Sounds like that’s the case since the PC7 was muddled sounding. I don’t think the CAR50 sounded bad, it actually sounded great, just boring and not engaging for me. There’s nothing that was “wrong”.  
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
“I suspect if anyone found the CAR50 "boring" it either doesn’t match their system or they prefer more emphasis on hifi type presentation of music.“I’m a fan of Kuzma but it was boring to me. I thought the Air Tight PC7 at less than 50% the cost w... 
Cartridges: Kuzma CAR or Lyra on a 4-Point (11") arm
I had a CAR50 on a 4P Ref2 and it didn’t do anything for me. Extremely well built cartridge with the utmost in clarity, quiet in the groove, but I felt it was boring.  
I use an app on my phone called Tally.  You can have separate counters for each cartridge.  
Vinyl vs. top-notch digital
@tomcy6 it’s of no concern to me what you listen to. If you want to listen to inferior digital and enjoy it then great! I don’t blame anyone for listening to this lesser format as it’s a lot cheaper and easier to manage.  I’ve been there myself tr...