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The dirty secret within the speaker industry
The Dirty Secret:Speaker designers wear their underpants for more than one day. 
VPI's new "Vanquish" Ultra High-End turntable is a STUNNER!
Mind you Techdas uses the same principle with the tone arm boards as VPI.(ie cantilevered) and nobody seems to be on a crusade to denigrate their design choice. 
So many great golden era DD tables out there, what do you recommend for $1000?
Don't feed the troll. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
Stop harassing the guy. This is his thread. They are his systems. Most of us come here to read his impressions. Make a suggestion ONCE then let him do it the way he sees best. 
Does anyone have any impressions about the Aphex Sound Exciter ?
It is not very exciting. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
I said very early on in the piece that it becomes easier on one's sanity if one only reads the original poster's comments.In retrospect, I still stand by that assessment. 
Opinions and recommendations on active loudspeakers
"It can’t be that bad. "Well it is and it is worse than that. All of the audiophile speaker designers know that removing the crossover elements from intervening between the amp output and the speaker drivers, and performing the division of the fre... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
Raul, I’d advise you to ’tune out’ the ’noise’ on this thread. Simply, do not respond to them. Keep posting. There are many here who want to consider what you have to say on this subject.Please Raul. Ignore the trolls. You have better things to di... 
Who needs a MM cartridge type when we have MC?
He's dim, but, he tries. 
Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.
Number one reason why I use my high end phone as a phone and message receiver and sender only. Android was made to enable ads and to data mine everything we do. It doesn’t like any browser but Chrome.Just like Windows 10, neither system is there f... 
The sounds reproduced by KEF Blades are amazing! with Merrill Audio!
Needs large scale music well recorded . Most of the examples posted were small scale close miked with effects applied to mimic an expansive sound. It hadled Megadeath well. The system does rock. Rock and Metal can sound good on a car stereo. Havin... 
Personas....7F vs 9H
I'm just waiting for someone to come along and tell us how much better Vandersteen speakers are, how flawed Personas are. 
Roger Paul has passed away
I don't know who Paul is, and stop calling me Roger. 
Paradigm Persona series
I'll appeal to the moderators:Please don't close the thread. This is exactly what the disrupters want. Please, instead suspend the disrupters. 
Soundsmith Progression: MIMC Star > Sussurro Mk II
I've used a Voice(ebony) for about 8 years now. The Soundsmith cartridges deserve the best turntable, arm and phono stage one can provide them.