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Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
The Yamaha GT 2000 does things that I didn't think turntables could do. Ultra Direct Drives are the most overlooked components in the Vintage Roster. 
Scratchy pops coming from the left channel when I turn up the volume why?
Sounds like the name of a new breakfast cereal. 
Why not use an arc'ed lathe?
The idea died like square wheels. 
neen help identifying a Grace phono cartridge. The box has "Prototype No2 written on it?
Why hasn't America discovered the Fertin sound yet
The only place that you don't want to hear Fertin is in an elevator. 
VPI Avenger
I'd love to be able to afford the Avenger Direct. 
All I want is The Truth, just gimme some truth...
gloryI've owned a Truth for a little over 3 and a half years. I actually couldn't tell you how it sounds. My entire system seems to mirror everything that I do to my turntable source. My previous preamp was the Transcendent Sound  Grounded Grid. W... 
Vintage DD turntables. Are we living dangerously?
ddrivemanI looked on the Arche site and didn't see any pictures that answered some questions I have about that mat. Could you start a thread about it?It'd be a shame to clog-up this thread with an off topic discussion. 
Turntable Recommendation 15K budget Avid Acutus, Brinkmann, Oracle, Nottingham,,
Fisher Price. Think of all the money you could spend on records. 
Hornshoppe "the Truth" preamp - any opinions?
I've owned my Truth for a little over 3 1/2 years. Via modifications to my turntable/turntable's isolation the sound of my system has steadily improved to the point where it is much better than when I first got The Truth.I really cannot tell you w... 
Why do almost all women today hate home audio?
This assessment ignores a lot of very basic facts. For many Americans, they need a car to get to work, and they need a car to do even the most basic shopping. For them, a car is a practical necessity. You should test your theory out on your wi... 
Yamaha GT 2000 Turntable
Axel stated on the 2000x page that the 18Kg platter was optional. The mistake he made was in saying that the increased diameter motor shaft in the x was necessary for the 18Kg platter. It isn't. The 18Kg platter was introduced 3 years before the r... 
Yamaha GT 2000 Turntable
totemI have a link to a blog with a Victor engineer:http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=&to=en&a=http%3A%2F%2F37282.diarynote.jp%2F2...Is J.Carr's link to the same blog? 
Yamaha GT 2000 Turntable
Lewm,The GT 2000x came with the same stock platter as the GT 2000. 6.5Kg. The 18Kg platter was an optional extra for BOTH the GT 2000/L and the 2000x. Moment of inertia with the 6.5 Kg stock platter was specified at 1.2 tonnes/cm squared.The fact ... 
Yamaha GT 2000 Turntable
The GT 2000 is relatively(the key word here) inexpensive compared to the other Uber Direct Drive TTs solely due to their plentiful supply on the second-hand market. Yamaha sold many of these turntables in Japan, the only market in which they were ...