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RMAF 2019!
East Texas guy here.  I was there all three days.  The YG room was just fantastic.  Incredible imaging, clarity, dynamics, realistic sound.The Revel room actually demoed the new F226Be, the smaller brother to the F228.  Amazing the amount and qual... 
Any other lone audiophiles here?
Lol, I'm in East Texas, and I'm not aware of even one other audio guy around here!  My one audio friend from the 1980s now lives in Colorado.  I may get to see him at RMAF.  
Anything better than Revel F228be?
Used Sopra No. 2 are starting to show up at around $8K, which is a pretty dang nice price for the product you are getting. I will say, the Dali Epicon 6 and 8 are very intriguing speakers for all around use. @supermerioIn your opinion, what put th... 
Blow dryer causes audible buzz from power amps in two audio systems...
Thanks much for all the replies!  It's really not a big deal for me; I just thought it was interesting and wanted to get some opinions on the issue.  I did wonder why the buzz only occurred when the drier was on its low fan speed.Yeah, she doesn't... 
Well maybe it IS my hearing
I would also submit that, even among a group of 20 year old audiophiles with hearing that would measure as "perfect" in a hearing test, there would be differences in the morphology of the inner and middle ears, as well as differences in the diamet... 
Salk VS Monitor Audio
Lol, there is no such thing as "less than nothing"!  
Upgrade advice (from Paradigm signature s8v2 + aria 948s to... ??)
Dali Epicon 8 is a pretty fine speaker to consider as well.Also, you can get a set of Tidal Piano G2 with ceramic tweeters for just over $20k from The Voice That Is.  
Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.
Best blocker and the one I'm using now is uBlock Origin.  I hardly see any ads on any site, although some sites require me to disable the ad blocker for access to the site.  
Dynaudio Audience 8
If you can find a nice condition set of Audience 82, grab them!  I use a pristine maple set of them in my bedroom system.  Here is a link to the specs: 82 is the flagship of th... 
Anthem getting into two channel with new STR pre-amp-- anyone heard it?
jafant,Thanks, well, I ended up getting a PS Audio Stellar Gain Pre-amp/DAC, which is much less expensive.  The Stellar Gain has home theater bypass, so it works well for me. I'm not sure I can tell that much difference in the sound of CDs via the... 
Triangle speakers
Triangle has four or five different ranges of speakers, all in different price ranges.  
Looking for speaker recommendations
If you want to get serious with a stand mount speaker, pick up a set of the JWM Acoustics Alyson AML II.  I have heard them at multiple audio shows, and have not heard any stand mount to compare to them. 
Speaker With Least Room Interaction
Well, "fortunately" I have a bass null at my only feasible listening position in my family room, so the bass is not too boomy there.  Now, if I walk to the sides or back, the bass is about twice as loud and deep.  
I don't think you'll find many, if any, current Vimberg owners here, as they have not been released in the US very long.  The Mino sounded excellent at RMAF last October.  Vimberg Mino and Tonda are supposed to be at AXPONA in April, shown by Wynn... 
AudioQuest Niagara 1000
@ sameyers1I'm clueless as to why it would benefit a turntable to be plugged into the 1000, but I'd like to find out.  It seems like my turntable motor just rotates the platter.