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Replacement for 802 D3s
Another one that can sound incredible in a large room is Legacy Audio Aeris, IF you can get their proprietary internet based room correction run just right.  I have heard it sound incredible and I have heard it sound like the setup was not quite r... 
Replacement for 802 D3s
Based on your comments, if I were you, I'd strongly look at Audio Solutions, either Figaro L, Figaro XL, or Virtuoso S, M, or L.  I heard the Virtuoso M at RMAF, and they are what I would call neutral, certainly not bright speakers.  They don't ca... 
Bass is clearer and more impactful when I stand vs. when I sit
Sounds like you have a bass null at the listening position.  I have the same situation, i.e., there is more bass in my room pretty much everywhere except in the listening position.  The bass is great at the sides and far back of the room.  The pro... 
B&W 802D vs Focal Kanta 3
Well, the Kanta uses Focal's flax drivers, while the Sopra employs their W cone drivers.  From what I understand, the flax drivers are fast as all get out, but the W cones have more impact.  Also, the Sopra has a different and supposedly superior ... 
Speaker upgrade
How superior, and in what ways, are the MA Platinum II models to the original Platinum models?  The original Platinums are starting to appear on the used market at much more affordable prices.   
Speaker sensitivity vs SQ
Hmm, I recently bought a new set of floor standers that are rated only 2 to 3dB lower efficiency than my existing floor standers.  This is in a 5.0 surround setup and the floor standers are used for the front L/R channels.  I have a very powerful ... 
Dynaudio resolution
I just bought a set of Excite X-44 and have been listening to them for two days.  I'm wondering if Dynaudio voiced them more so for home theater setups than for purely audio setups.  I say that because they just seem a bit too hot in the upper mid... 
Liberty Audio X-VOX Loudspeaker
Yeah, I follow his youtube channel and I think for a while he was selling them for less than that.  Seems like they might be a decent option for a full range speaker that doesn't break the bank.   
Focal Sopra 2 vs Sopra 3?
@ winoguy,Great question, exactly what I am wondering. 
Versatile, non-fatiguing speakers for a small room under $1500 used or new: advice needed!
Dali Oberon 7 should fit the bill.  And beautiful looking as well.  
What's your favorite boutique speaker maker
JWM Acoustics Alyson AML II stand mount speaker will blow you away.  Amazing dynamics and impact.  Prana Fidelity speakers are also outstanding.  
Anticipating next upgrade after B&W 803 D3?
Well, you learn something every day!  I've never heard of Peak Consult.  
Dynaudio C4 vs Contour 60
What is it that you do not like about the Contour 60?  
Yup, no facebook for me.  Just saw zuck on TV tonight talking about banning "dangerous" speech.  
Please recommend a receiver/integated/seaprates for JBL studio 530.
If you want to go with a receiver for audio purposes, try out a big Onkyo receiver from about 6 or 7 years ago.  My TX-NR 809 weighs 40 pounds and has all manner of balls to it!  Still works perfectly.  I see one on e bay for $359.  Or even someth...