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user poll on seperates vs integrated
I had 2 integrated tube amps for several years that met my needs. Both from the same brand, highly reviewed, greatly enjoyed and my first foray into tubes and I loved the sound. I knew in the future I would go to separates, for the experience, but... 
Considering A 20-40 Watt Stereo SET Amp
You may want to check out Audio Mirror’s 45w SET monoblocks. Not a conventional SET, as it uses a pair of 6C33Cs wired in parallel, but has lots of power. I think there was a review in The Abscolute Sound. Hope this helps.  
where and how to find blank "music" CD's
@seismicfrog - makes sense. Thx for the insight!  
where and how to find blank "music" CD's
Verbatim disc are labeled the same, indicating for music. I tested this morning recording to a Verbatim data-only blank CD from my desktop PC and it worked fine.   
where and how to find blank "music" CD's
I have a Phillips CD recorder, model 760. It will not record music on data CDs. The recorder will not recognize a data CD is in the tray as a “blank” CD. It even indicates in the trouble shooting section of the manual you have to use “music only” ... 
Help Connecting Dual Subs To Monoblocks
I have the Audio Mirror monos and have two 8” powered subs connected, one to each mono block. I just added an unterminated speaker wire to each amp binding post (neg to neg and pos to pos) along with the speaker wire that is connected to the speak... 
Linlai E 6sn7 tubes
All I can say is I put a pair of Linlai 6SN7-E tubes in my Audio Mirror Reflection monos a couple of days ago and WOW. What great tubes, period. Not even begun to break-in. I immediately ordered a back-up pair. Every thing said here about them is ... 
HT and 2 channel in same room? 1 or 2 systems?
I have a surround system for movies, and a system for 2-channel audio in same room, posted here on A’gon. Works perfect, and simple to use. Rectangle room and one end is audio and one video. A swivel chair is in optimized position for audio and ro... 
Hello Guys,
I have used a Running Springs Haley for several years and am very pleased with it.  System posted here.  
I feel bad for Generation X and The Millennial's
Sad….music brings people and cultures together. You would never know it by this thread.   
Is there a 300B type amp out there with some WATTS behind it?
An alternative to 300Bs is the Audio Mirror 45w SET monos. Uses two 6C33C power tubes in parallel per channel. I love the sound, power tubes are inexpensive and it pushes my Egglestonworks floorstanders well.   
High powered single end 300b recommendations
They are not 300b powered, but Audio Mirror 45w SET mono blocks may be worth a look. Really like mine. No problem driving my 86db speakers. They sound great.  
RIP Christine McVie
Her work with Bob Welch on Bare Trees and Mystery to Me is great, but not acknowledged enough. She, and Welch were critical to the mid-period of Mac and if you listen to this period, the sucessful format that the commercial Mac had later was alrea... 
Ditching Class A Amps due to Heat - Sort of a Poll
Answers to your 3 questions. No, no and no. I love my Audio Mirror tube monos. Also have a ss A/B Van Alstine amp.   
Anyone heard new Zu Union 6?
Great looking setup and I am sure it sounds great. I like clean and simple, in setup and components. Thank you again for your time and input on these speakers! Have fun!