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Who is using their DAC as a preamp?
I have been doing this for 10 years or more. I have not owned a pre-amp in a long time. I don’t miss it.  
Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.
Thanks I will take a look. Oddly no issue on my iPad Pro.  
Pop-up spam is making this site unusable.
Just an issue on my iPhone. It is the kind of add that blocks the whole screen and wants to take you to the App Store. Once I clear my ram it is fine for a bit. Same issue that flatblackround states. 
Human Loudspeaker Review Thread Was Removed
Good or good for the money? Honest question.  
Best Way to Integrate Subwoofers?
Bassdude,the crossover goes before the all the amps including the ones in the subs. So preamp to corossover to speaker/sub amp. Generally you only adjust once slope and volume of the sub.  So if you have an external crossover you will to disable t... 
Best Way to Integrate Subwoofers?
Crossover point is very speaker dependent BUT I have pretty much always found it best to cross-over where the mains bass  driver hits minimum motion. Meaning where the bass driver’s output drops off and the port picks up. For many speakers this is... 
Best Way to Integrate Subwoofers?
Active crossovers between the pre-amp and amp is the best way imo. You run interconnects from the pre-amp or dac to the subs, then from the subs to the amp. Only the high pass goes to the speakers. You then can adjust the phase and crossover point... 
Anyone compared Sennheiser HD800 S with Beyerdynamic T1.1?
That is just the way the hd800S sounds imo. They are over rated (I own them) The T1 is pretty good. I dont think you will find what you are looking for. Most people chase amps with the hd800s. They are not worth the trouble imo. I have not heard i... 
Anyone compared Sennheiser HD800 S with Beyerdynamic T1.1?
I have found nothing with a bigger soundstage than the HD800S. I also think they sound a little thin. They need heavy EQ to sound right IMO.  
Help Please! New and looking for advise...
What speakers to you currently use? What speakers have you heard that you like and what ones don’t you like?What do you value most, soundstage, detail, dynamics? Usually you can’t have it all.  
How much do we at A'gon influence the industry?
Also I never seek out demos of gear unless it has good reviews here. It is hard to demo stuff, demo rooms suck half the time. I am almost to the point where I would look at measurement and forum opinions and buy blind. But I have also heard a ton ... 
How much do we at A'gon influence the industry?
Probably not as much as it should. It is free market data here. It would be a waist for manufactures not to use it.  
Focal Electra 1038be owners,
They will be fine in a 14-21’ room.  
Best Headphone system under $1000???
For those trying out grados for the first time the Grado PS500e is easily their best IMO. It has all the details of the others or more but softens the 2k midrange spike and has a lesser more balanced treble. Makes for a relatively warmer Grado (st... 
New updated Dynaudio Confidence line.
I think they look nice enough. Probably better in person. Out of my price range anyway. I would want the larger ones for my room. Video link belowhttps://youtu.be/z1okXdyC-3M