Nordost Red Dawn "Flatline" interconnect Want to replace with a more musical sounding IC.

I have a Nordost Red Dawn "Flatline"  IC which I bought used on AG about 5 years ago.  It has seen several system come and go, from separates to my current Rogue's Sphinx hybrid integrated amp, but just two speaker systems. Overall, I like the cable but have concluded that it is bright factor in the interface between the Rogue integrated, and the upgraded Ayre CX7e mp  CD player.  BTW,. Prior to the Ayre CD player, I had a Rega Apollo CD player and used a Chord Chameleon IC ..... Worked very well 

I don't want to start going back and forth with The Cable Company home trial service.  Therefore, would appreciate and consider recommendations from members who have used Nordost RD Flatline IC in the past with less than positive results. The speakers are Golden Ear Tech Triton 7's and speaker cable is Harmonic technology PRO 11+ which is excellent.  Thank you.  

I had the red dawn in my system a while back too. Not bad but a little bright like you mentioned. In the end I bought the original Frey. More body and not as bright. But when Nordost came out the the series 2 I upgraded to the try2. The series 2 cables have a more liquid and natural sound than the originals.

Do you have a local Nordost dealer? If so ask if they have the demo case that you could borrow. In both cases with the originals and series 2 my local dealer loaned me his demo case for 30 days. Honestly the Heimdall is the sweet spot for the money IMO with Nordost.

check w/ your local Nordost dealer/retailer to get an in-home audition.
keep me posted & happy listening!

Thank you for the information . Can you clarify what the "try2" is??  Is this current in Nordost line of IC's??   Are they available used on AG?? 

BTW, I have seen many an ad on AG for the Heimdall cables?? I assume they are expensive.    I will check out the local dealer route; unfortunately in Los Angeles County, the closest Nordost dealer could be 20-40 miles away. 

I meant tyr2. Yes they are top of the line in the Norse series and current.
If you enjoy your Harmonic Technology speaker cables, why not consider some HT interconnects?  Personally, I use Audio Sensibility Statement SE interconnects(OCC copper) and like them very much.  Something from Acoustic Zen would also be a consideration.  You don't mention your budget, but moving up in the Nordost line can be expensive and may not accomplish what you seek.

 To mtbrider.  I bought the HT speaker cables Pro11+ because they were made by the original designer. who sold the company about two years ago. I have read, and was told by a few members the new stuff is now made in Malaysia is not as good. So, I will pass on any of the new HT products 

You are right, the Tyr series 2 IC are a lot of money. There is a used pair on AG selling for $1400, that is almost as expensive as the GET speakers model 7.  I will check out your suggestion Audio Sensibility IC. BTW, what do you like about the AS IC?? 

My Budget: is about $200-$250 used on AG  which means $450-500 retail.  Thank you for the reply.

Before switching to Audio Sensibility, I had used Morrow MA-3 IC's for a few years, but just decided to try something else.  I read about the company on another thread on this site, checked out the website, and decided to give the Statement SE IC's a try.  BTW, they are about $250 US.  I like that they are OCC copper and the construction is excellent.  As for the sound, they are detailed without brightness and provide more density of tone than the Morrows did.  Just more musical to my ears.  I also eventually went with AS speaker cables.

Why not try the Belden 8402 mentioned/recommended by Jeff Day at Positive Feedback and on his Blog: He, me, and many other Audiogonners switched out our expensive interconnects for these with great success. Cost about $80.00 terminated. I know, I know, conventional Audiophile wisdom says, "they don't cost megabuck, can't give them a try." They are extremely musical. Best, Rob


what gear is in your current system?

Did you ever break-in those Isotek discs?


where does the Nordost Blue Heaven fall into place?

I have auditioned these cables a few times and was never disappointed.

Take that trip to your local dealer/retailer.

To Mikirob   Sounds worth a try for 80.00 terminated  Does his blog. offer a source for the IC's you noted??   (I have heard about Belden cable before, but was afraid this was just some kind of populist "reversed" hype)...  Or is it through Parts Express?? 

BTW, I agree about grossly overpriced IC's, but at the same time, there must be something these new cable designs must be doing right. However, paying $10,000-$25,000 is insanity to pay for an IC. Sure, Tom Cruise, Cam Newton, the Mannings got the kale to buy them, so let them go for it.,

To Jafant,  I always like the name Blue Heaven for a cable.  However, the Blue Heaven speaker cable and IC have never received strong reviews.  Can say about the latest version  The BH in every Nordost series usually  precedes the Red Dawn line. I don't think Nordost has changed the pecking order of their cables.  BTW,  The Isotek disc work quite well and takes less time to cycle through compared to Audio Purist Disc. 

I found the canare lv-61s very musical... Neutral with fast clean deep bass.  Worth the try.
Chris, who sells this Canare LV61s  ICs or the Belden 8402 ICs mentioned above?? 
Blue jeans cable, markertek sell lv61, lv77, and also belden that many have praised for what they are: competent cables.
yes, Day's blog gives you a link...I forgot it, just go to his blog under Belden/Yazaki-san/ WE. Best, Rob

I use Canare Star-Quad L-4E6S microphone cable in a high end system. With so many broadcasters and studios using it, how bad can it be? At $2 a meter, how wrong can you go?
Most the stuff listed above are entry level,nost not all..I say look at Jena labs as they have price points for about everyone now and their stuff is out of this world
Get the belden 8402 here
I have used the KLEI gZero2 ICs in my system for the last 2 years and I find it to be very musical ( ). Very revealing and very natural and real...

I have also used the KLEI gZero6 ICs in my system for the last year or so and it is even more musical ( ). These are even more revealing, natural and real sounding.   I have compared these to Nordost Vahalla ICs and I found these to be much more musical, more enjoyable, and just as revealing...

I was so impressed with these ICs that I now use their higher model...

Here's the Belden with Furutech connectors. The price is in Canadian dollars so you can knock of 30%-35%:

So is the Belden with Furutech connectors a better sounding IC than the Canare  LV 61S  interconnects.??  I  called Blue Jean Cables and ordered the Canare interconnect, but the guy who answered the phone must have been either from the accounting department or mail room because he knew nothing about either cable. Plus, he said, (and I kid you not) that there was no difference, and really depended on what you expect it to sound like, and that any differences  in all cables were subjective) 

Well best my soul, that was real informative!!. I got the Canare LV61S and have put 20 hours on them. They are just OK, though the bass is very taut and deep.  However, they can sound bright, and  the sound seems often seems canned ( this cable is NO  UPGRADE for my Red Dawn Flatline IC.

The Canare  IC is also not very balanced or coherent.  Therefore, is the Belden better or only marginally better, or sound the same??. I don't want to throw away $70.00 .I can use the dough to take the wife out to dinner to either Olive Garden or Bertucci's  Italian Bistro ( I know it's a cheap date)......  So those members who have used both, please enlighten me 

DH Labs Revelation. Very Musical and unbelievably neutral for a pure-silver Interconnect. The head honcho at Upscale Audio told me that DH Labs is Nordost without the price tag. That is the best advice I have been given in a long time.....
Keep me posted and Happy Listening! Jim.
Check out Silnote Audio - can find excellent value on their Agon offers. I am not affliated other than as a customer - top notch sound
Hi sunnyjim, Here is a very good alternative to what has been said here, APOLLO SERIES: It’s 2016, and TARA Labs is very excited at presenting an introduction to our newest line of entry level high-end audio cables. In mythology, Apollo was one of the twelve mythological deity gods that were worshipped by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Apollo was the god of music, poetry, healing and light amongst other virtues he was endowed with. TARA Labs has taken that inspiration from this mythology as well as what Apollo represented, and named our new line of audio cables for those very qualities that made him a god to the ancients.
Apollo Series cables will represent a new era in entry level products for TARA Labs.
We developed this brand new concept for the Apollo, keeping in mind the relationship they will have with their counterpart components. In electronics, we sometimes refer to trickle-down technology. At TARA Labs, we make full use of this term by incorporating numerous technological advances and designs from our higher-end reference cables into the Apollo Series audio cables. Compared to the TL series, Apollo cables have a more coherent construction and design which translate to a substantial enhancement of soundstage, high frequency extension, spatial cues, improved noise floor, as well as enhanced musicality.
The Apollo speaker cables construction now includes our proprietary BSM termination (Banana/Spade modules). So instead of soldered on spades or bananas, you can now switch the termination at will with little effort on your part. This bodes well with the numerous components that require either or both terminations. The Apollo interconnects are also available with either RCA or XLR termination. In addition, the Apollo Series cables will offer an audiophile a musical experience that is easily comparable to cables costing many times more their price! We would venture to say “Get a $1000.00 upgrade to your audio system for around $200.00”
The Apollo Series cables will be replacing our current line of entry level cables, The TL Series.
Sunnyjim,  pm me about these Apollo series taralab's cable's if you like,  happy listening. 
I suggest Cardas interconnects for the Ayre CD player. 

To Audiolabtrinth and  Nutty; I just bought on trade a pair of Harmonic Technology "older" series Truthlink IC's  which are supposed to be superior to its new equivalent.

However, I remain open to other IC's, especially if they are known to be compatible with the Ayre CX7e mp CD player.

I will have to check out the Tara labs Apollo series to see what they offer  I want to give the HT Truthlink a good run for their money in the next few months.  Thanks, for recommendations!!

To Nutty, What particular Cardas IC would you recommend, or know from experience or other members, works well with the Ayre CD player?? 

Cardas IC's are notoriously expensive, for example, the highly praised Parsec which I think retails for $450;

Even used, it probably  sells for $200-250. I will check on The Cable Company used cable catalogue.  

Thank, Jim.   

Do the Red Dawn speaker cables sound bright also OR is it just a characteristic of the IC's?

Ziff, I never had Nordost Red Dawn speaker cables, just their Flatline IC.

There have seen several positive reviews about their previous  line of speaker cables. Unfortunately when I considered them, they were fairly expensive even used, so I waited until the Harmonic Technology  Pro 11+ came around on AG.  They are outstanding speaker cables that are very revealing and detailed.

Thanks sunnyjim.....Good to know

Sorry for the delay. I have not heard the Parsec line. I believe that it does of the matched propagation construction. I personally would listen the the Cross. I listened to the Cx-7 connected to the integrated amplifier with the cross. Very nice 

I beleive that Cardas and Ayre have a history of collaborating on projects. There are many of us who own the "Irrational, But Efficacious!" CD. Let me know how it turns out. Good luck!


Cardas are not expensive. The cables are over -priced.
Rolled off in the upper registers as well.
I Agree that Cardas are expensive. However our collegue originally mentioned a brightness between his source and amp. My recommendation was for the observation of the synergy with Ayre and Cardas that I experienced. 

MIT will give you music....everything else is just wire!
Thanks to those who have responded. Your comment and recommendationss are useful