Nordost Flatline Gold

I have have a quite modest HT system consisting of an Onkyo TX-SR800 Receiver, Sony 5 disc DVD (sorry, can't recall model #), Energy C4 fronts and an Energy AC-300 center (surrounds are in the process of being changed out)

I have the three front speakers bi-wired with some Nordost Flatline Gold that I got at a steal when the local Incredible Universe store got bought out by Fry's.

I would like to get some opinions on whether these cables are a good match for my system and what I might consider as an upgrade?

Opinions encouraged as well as experience :-)
As Duke Ellington said..."If it sounds good, it is good."
I also had used the Nordost Flatline to bi-wire, two separate runs to each speaker in systems more exotic than yours, for a number of years. They are clear, musical, and are free of listener fatigue when source material is not ideal, which is important with some DVD's. You do not have to feel restless.
I still use these old reliables in some applications similar to your own, where enjoyment is more important than perfection.
If you read the discussions here on Audiogon, then you know how tormented listeners can be when they lose their established system synergy, with an "upgrade" that unveils a shortcoming elsewhere in their system.
Sugarbrie got it right, by quoting the best.