S/C: DH Labs Q10 vs Nordost Super Flatline

Looking for a cable with reasonable thickness (need to drive speakers that dip to 2.5 ohms in the lower midrange/bass).

Want something that is as detailed, accurate, and tonally neutral for a budget of about $400 (2 cables each 3metres per channel).

Considering DH Labs Q10, Nordost Super Flatline.

I have the DH Labs T-14 however it is on the thin side for my speakers.

Has anyone compared the two in the same system? Or perhaps any others in that price range.

Acoustic Zen Satori
I've had the Q-10s in my system - they are very good cables and will handle your situation well.

The Acoustic Zen Satori is available used within your budget and is the better performer all around!!! Kijanski is spot on!
Is the shotgun version of the Satori significantly better than the single ended version (which is half the price)?
Acdvd - I have shotgun version and never tried regular. Difference should be very small and is speaker dependent. My brother has biwired version of Q-10. Nice cable but not the same class as Satori. Satori is very thick. It uses 6N zero crystal copper - overall 7 AWG

One of reviews: http://www.10audio.com/az_satori.htm
Due to my limited budget and unavailability of cheap Satori in my area, I have boiled it down to Q10 or Kimber 8TC. I am unable to demo either in my area

Has anyone tried the Kimber against the Q10