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What process do you use to purchase cables?
Another thing to beware of is corrosion. Conductors clad in permeable dielectric like cotton will probably corrode over time. 
What process do you use to purchase cables?
If you like what you have, good. That's an excellent place to start.Now, before you spend another dime, test every candidate IN YOUR SYSTEM and see if any of them is worth the money. That's for interconnect and speaker cable.Then there's power. I ... 
Helping a friend build a new system
Two things: what I like and what your friend likes may be very, very different. The only sane way to buy hardware is to audition, audition, and audition some more. Then make a decision. A specialist dealer is your friend. But remember: your ears, ... 
New TT, Arm and MC Cartridge
A vision deficiency changes everything - forget what I said. I would go with the most robust system your dealer can provide and set up.All the best. 
New TT, Arm and MC Cartridge
Sorry for your loss, but I think that your response is splendid.I use the TransFi Terminator tonearm, a hybrid air bearing / mechanical pivot linear tracker. At $1000 or so it's the best value in high end - I don't think you can buy a better one f... 
Listening Descriptor Chart
@djones51    Thanks!   
Listening Descriptor Chart
VERY  interesting. Thank you Spencer and Mapman. 
How important is it to have identical speaker cable length?
Just for devilment: what do you do with the extra cable on one side? Coil it? No, that adds inductance ...Drape it over an iron railing? More inductance ...Route it beside power cords? No, that adds a 60Hz component ... 
High-pass line filter to relieve main speakers from low frequency
That's right Tom, analogue crossovers introduce phase shift. But, as Sd40 points out, 24 dB crossovers don't; then again, 24dB crossovers do retard the signal by 1 complete cycle at the crossover frequency. Actually, that's an oversimplification a... 
How long does Class A have?
@clearthinker   Yeh, Greta and her type want you and your type to be around in 100 years. Can't imagine what her motives are. 
Record Cleaning Machines
Oldaudiophile, in case you did not know it, @antinn is a high class expert on cleaning technologies.For relatively clean records I use 80KHz exclusively, although I have used 37KHz on some very dirty specimens with good results. Temperature is an ... 
Let’s make this a better community!? One final shot?
Too right, @ml8764ag .  I try to emulate Ralph and a few others, but their patience is a hard act to follow. It can be hard to not bite back. 
Time to upgrade my turntable?
I found that record cleaning was a very cost effective upgrade. Two benefits:(1) better sound, actually a lot better(2) longer stylus life. My Koetsu showed minimal wear (photomicrograph) at 1000 hours.Just might be better to have clean records wh... 
OK, so I have to ask. Is this real, or is this a joke?
If it’s petrolatum based, beware of using on connections which get hot. Like tubes. 
Do you stop the turntable or let it spin while you run e record brush
I clean ultrasonically, so that only a small amount of surface dust remains. I get rid of this by1. platter and record powered up to speed2. flop a corner of 'Tiger cloth' conductive microfibre on the moving record for 2 rotationsGood luck!