NEW Cerious Technologies Upgrade - Graphene Matrix Cables

CT Graphene Matrix Cables:

I have been using the CT GE cables for almost two years.
I recently traded up for a full loom of CT Graphene Matrix cables, including speaker, interconnect and PCs, and I wanted to share my experience. I started by replacing only the ICs to try and hear the differences.

The new Matrix interconnects sounded better than the GE immediately after install. I found the original Graphene Extreme ICs to be good but not on the same level as the outstanding GE speaker cables. As break-in started to clear things up, I can hear more clarity and detail not heard before. The ICs are incredible on their own and at the 30 hour mark, I can hear a clear superiority over the GE ICs. I recently started using the Teo Game Changer ICs and preferred them over GE but the Teo has now fallen to the new Graphene Matrix ICs. My Teo’s were and are great, and it is stunning to experience Cerious Technologies commitment to making great technology better.

On the third day of listening to the GM ICs. I couldn’t wait anymore, Having too much fun. I then installed the speaker cables and power cords once I had a pretty good feel for the sound of the GM ICs.

With the full loom of GM cables running in they are going through some strange changes and definitely need time to settle down before realizing what they can really do and very important Bob says to not move them. Since I have a home office I can let them run in all day. I’m at around 120 hours now and they are still improving. Here’s what I’m hearing:

Extended highs and tighter lows.
More detail and better low level listening
Drums are tighter, more clearly defined. So real is the snap of the snare drum. The bass has more depth, seemingly goes deeper, lower. This aspect stands out the most.

I am not in the industry, I’m not an engineer, I don’t work for Cerious Technologies, but I am a fan of the cables and am enjoying what my system is capable of.

I’m closer to my own pinnacle of sound reproduction than ever before.


Awesome to hear Lance. I have the Teo IC's as well so you got me intrigued. Did Bob give any type of time frame on burn in or settling time with the new Matrix cables? Similar to the GE's?
@t_ramey , I did ask Bob just that. He said full burn-in would be around 200 hrs. It’s worth the wait.

Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to what you have to say after the 200 hrs. What would you say is the main difference so far between the Teo GC's and the Matrix interconnects?
@t_ramey , The Teos are slightly warm and smooth. The GMs are dynamic and more transparent at least to my ears.
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Hi Lancelock,
I have a full loom of the GE cables - can you clarify about the "even trade, no cost" comment?
The price of the new Matrix cables are more expensive than the GEs.


Nice review. What I may add is...

This cable (Cerious Matrix with XLR’s) is certainly full bodied, not dark but very "organic" sounding, and in no way fuzzy sounding. With great mids and treble, it's all good. It sounds like 3D for audio. The depth and soundstage wraps around. And Dynamics to make this old man smile. Wow!

When I turn my 7.1 Home Theater equipment on I have to check to make sure the back and side speakers are working because after listening to my 2 channel system it sounds closed in.

At first listen the Cerious Matrix sounded a little light. It took quite a little while to break in compared to the CG version. I played a Purist break in disc for about 100 hours and music for about another 60 hours to get them to fully flesh out. Boy, do they do bass nicely.

The speaker cables have maybe only 60 hours on them. Because my amps use tubes I’m not willing to keep them on continuously. So, the speaker cables will maybe take more time to break in fully. But, even at this point, they are sounding most impressive. I hear no downside.

BTW, the speaker cables are even bigger than the CG versions. Mine have the banana’s connections and they look to be of very high quality.



Check Bobs post from last night on the other thread. He will take your GE Cable and send you the new more expensive Cable. This is a huge giveaway that will certainly earn this customers loyality.

@ozzy ,

thank you for your observations. I agree with you. You’re much better at putting what you hear in words.

The speaker cables weigh 25 lbs. They are very impressive sonically and physically.

I think you get full retail price of the GE when you upgrade. Not even trade. So it’s  your old cable plus the difference. 
Got it. And also read the post from Bob. Thanks.

Hi Ozzy,
Does it worth the difference in price for you? It is quite a substantial jump in pricing.


Yeah, I know what you mean. They do cost more than the CT’s. But, to me, well worth it. And, you can get full trade in price for your CT cables.

Heck, I paid $149 each for the SR Blue Fuses... This upgrade is way more substantial.

BTW, the XLR’s that are used are also of very high quality.

I would be curious to know if anyone has compared the CT Matrix against Teo Audio Splash cables?

Ozzy and Lancelock,

I sold my all Nordost wiring for the CTs a while back after I switch to the CTs. And your guys were right about the CTs.

I think I am going to try a small batch of the new Matrix, starting from the interconnects and see if they are worthy upgrades.

Waiting on someone to share comparisons between CT Graphene Matrix and Teo Audio Splash RS cables.

Thank you.
@muzikmann, I only have experience with the Teo GCs and I don’t think there too many Matrix cables out there quite yet but give it a little time.
No doubt from what I've read from audiophiles who's ears I trust Bob has hit another home run. Congratulations!
I've heard from owners of the Matrix interconnects and speaker cables.
Antone have the Matrix power cord and care to comment about it?
@lak , I have the PCs but I after listening to the interconnects Carefully, I then put the PCs and SCs in at the same time so its now difficult for me to tell which is doing what.

i have more cables coming for a second system I have, so I will install the PCs first this time and give some time to break-in. I will report my findings.

i think Bob hit a grand slam this time.
I got to say the price difference on some of these cables are quite huge. The interconnects for example 1m GE $349 to 1m GM $1249 o.o.
I am sure it must be more expensive to make etc, but these are not budget priced cables at least for me. I am assuming new owners feel its worth almost 4x the price? I am sure everyone is going say "Absolutely" but I figured I would ask lol.
@aniwolfe , There is a bit of price difference. The Graphene Matrix cables are in response to customer demand for a "cost no object" cable, I’m sure Bob will correct me if I’m wrong. This is a different market. The GE cables are giant killers at their price point. I'm very happy with the quality vs. cost with these GM cables so far.
My listening session tonight is astounding. I marveled at the improved bass with the GE SCs but these Matrix cables have me in subterranean territory. I have always been wanting in the bass department with my Janszen zA2.1 speakers but this is sooooo satisfying now. One of my subs is out for repairs so theyre both off and I feel like I really don't need them anymore.
@lancelock, very nice looking system! 
I'm amazed that you're happy with the bass response from your speakers without the need for your two subs. That really speaks highly of the new Matrix speaker cables.
Hi guys,

Pleased an order with Bob. Trading in GE cables - and Bob charged only the difference and he said send in the old cables after I get the new ones, so I would not have down time - fair and good deal.

I ordered two pairs of the GM ICs, one Matrix digital and two pairs of Matrix SCs.

Will post impression after I get them.

I sold my HF Reveals once I heard the Cerious Matrix.
The Reveals are very good but honestly they are a light weight compared to the CM.


Congrats! Welcome to the family! Give them some break in time though.

I also see that Mad Scientist Audio makes cables with graphene design.  Anyone compare them?
@Lancelock or Ozzy,

Since the cost of upgrading a full loom of Cerious GE cables to the new Cerious Matrix cables isn't trivial, can you suggest which Matrix cables (speaker, interconnect, power) made the largest SQ improvement.  For those of us with a full loom of GE cables, this would help give us an idea  which cable to upgrade first. For example, when I switched to the GE cables last year, I found the GE speaker cables made the biggest SQ improvement. 
@cycles2 ,

I gave the interconnects 3 days before putting in the the SCs and PCs. I can report that there was a significant jump in quality using just the ICs and they weren’t even close to being burned in.

once I introduced the other cables into the system there was no way to tell which Cable was doing more. I have another loom of cables coming for a second system. I will try to be a little more scientific this time and eliminate the variables.


I had a full loom of the CTG cables, I have ordered one Matrix Interconnect, however, I have not received it yet and I have not heard the new Matrix products yet.

With that said, if you are still using the same components as with your CTG Loom, I would think the results with the Matrix line might follow suit.

Knowing that the speaker cables would take the longest time to burn in (I’m using tube mono blocks) I tried them first. They look to be mighty impressive in size and construction. They are also the most costly to purchase. 
Once you hear them broken in though you will want to get the interconnects perhaps then adding them one by one.

So, I say get the first major purchase out of the way.

Reading through this post and I find it interesting that some folks have swapped some pretty expensive cables for these new ones. It seems to me that at the core of these cables, it is a silver core with a braid/wrap which the goal is to eliminate undo interference from external noises. Is this noise composed of EMI/RFI, static, and/or other static related to power induction streams going through a power cord, or a cable closely sitting next to a power cable or other cable subject to hum? 

I have ave been on the cable merry go round as the rest of you, until recently. I am using a solid slver core wire with a PE wrap and WBT pure silver connectors. I  don’t hear any noises, or static, just a three dimensional sound field, as many of you have described with this new cable. 

I just wonder if these cables are addressing external influences of some people’s systems based on their use of unsheilded cables. Does anyone know what the measured capacitance is for these interconnects? Curiosity is getting me, despite having an already great system and soundstage. The million dollar question we are always asking is if their is something better. I guess I might have to try to see. But, if the responses of some of you have indicated, these might be the ticket.

I would also be interested in knowing how these cables sound with vinyl and especially brass and cymbals. I have distinct and clear definition that is palpable right now, I don’t need to change a thing, yeah right😀

you guys are killing me, just when I thought I had it all right for myself. I may be tempted to do a trial. Thanks for making my journey never ending. 
Are the most delicate, deepest details retained in the same manner with the Matrix loom as the GE loom presents? Is the bass more sophisticated in serving all of the nuances so wonderfully contained through the GE loom?
I just got back from Bob’s after trading in a blue GE pc for a Matrix pc that is powering my integrated amp. Right off the bat there is more clarity and detail and spaciousness with not a single hint of harshness. I’m pretty impressed already and Bob says they’re only half way from where they’ll end up. I told him I’d be happy if the Matrix pc never changed but I guess I’ll have to endure more improvement. :)

If I’m just getting a smidgeon of what Lance is hearing then I can see trading in the rest of my GE cables at some point down the road. My short time with just the one Matrix pc on my amp and I’m feeling and hearing like this is the way a stereo system should be. Naturally detailed and musical, dare I say organic or analog....

I’ll chime in after few days and reassess. Well done Bob!

you articulate what I’m hearing so well. The details are retained even more clearly. I suppose we could call it the CT house sound but on another level. Everything sounds so realistic as if the band were in front of me. The bass is so impressive and still sounds like it’s an octave lower. I’m at about 150 hrs and still hearing improvement.
Is the Matrix PC a little heavy and stiff like the GE PCs?  I'm asking because I have a few bends to navigate and would like to get the shortest length that is practicable.  My experience with heavy/stiff cables is that you have to get them a little longer.
Ozzy, could you please give a more detailed difference between the HFC and the CT. Not sure what you mean by "a light weight"
I am very familiar to the CT-I and CT-1E so any thing you could describe would help me to compare them.

Thanks in advance.

The HF Reveals have a lighter presentation compared to the Cerious Matrix.
That is ; The Cerious Matrix  sounds more dimensional with a deeper image and more fleshed out sound.
Is this how "organic sound" would be described? I think so, and that would be the correct term for the difference between the two cable designs. IMHO that is.


would you happen to know how the Matrix IC's compare to the HF CT-1? I'm currently using the CT-1 interconnects and GE speaker cables. I'm very happy with the sound.........but always looking for ways to improve the sound. 

These new Matrix cables are very intriguing. I love the natural, organic sound of the of the GE speaker cables and it sounds like the new cables increase upon their good qualities. 
mac48025...i will let you know also as i just sold my HF UR interconnects to buy the new Matrix RCA interconnects..

I thought the Reveals were better than the HF CT's.

But, calloway is the man!. Sold the uber expensive HF UR's for the Cerious Matrix? Wow!
I would be curious to know how the Cerious Matrix perform compared to those.

I haven’t tried them all but the Matrix interconnects are flat out the best I’ve ever had in my system.

im getting in some serious burn in time and it is well worth the wait. My system has never sounded this good. Revealing details in such a natural way.

If you think these sound when you get them just wait until 150 hrs. Oh boy.