Need help with a Tube PREAMP.

I currently use a Solid State 2 channel AMP with an Input of 20k(unbal) 40k(bal). I am looking for a great Tube PreAmp for around $2500 that would mate well with the AMP. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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What's your amp? There is more to a good mating than impedance. Also what are your speakers? Front End?

Do you need a remote?

Is used OK or do you prefer new?
On top of Jjrenman's questions, are you seeking a warm, musical classic tube sound, or more definition and articulation of some more modern designs?
Doge 8 Clarity - with NOS tubes
You might check out the deHavilland UltraVerve. Dagogo has a nice review that compares it to other more expensive preamps like Shindo and Allnic. Worth a read.

I fell in love with the UltraVerve when I first auditioned it in my shop and it fared well against Joule Electra and Art Audio and more.
I have been a dealer for about 10 years now.
Second that on the dehavilland. Performs way above its price.
The shindo auriges as mentioned in that review is very good and can be found used from time to time near the budget of the op. check don betters website for deals. He has them from time to time.
I have a McIntosh MC352 stereo AMP (solid state). I drive a pair of Dynaudio Contour 3.0's.Click my SYSTEM next to my name and see pics. I want detail and attak! I listen to classic rock and Jazz mostly. I use a Prima Luna Prologue now and it has low gain, 11 db. I dont really care about remote.
I don't know if a SET preamp is going to mate with the solid state amp I have. Any other suggestions? Or has anyone used a combination of tube pre and SS amp?
Or has anyone used a combination of tube pre and SS amp?

a lot of members use this combination.
Given the input impedance of your amp, a tube pre with balanced output capability is probably your best bet. Definitely check out the Cary SLP-05 if in your price range.
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I want detail and attak!

If you want a tube preamp with detail and attack for around $2500, I would keep an eye out for an Audio Research LS-5 mk II, or a LS-25. Happy hunting.
A used McIntosh C220 might stretch your budget, but if you shop carefully, could be obtained. It has balanced and unbalanced outputs, and has no issues driving long RCA runs into my SS amp with 10K input impedance. Like all recent McIntosh preamps, it is designed to drive either tube or SS amps. My C-J PV11 that was replaced with the McIntosh, not so much.
I use an older BAT VK 30 with a new Bryston 4B SST2. The 2 work really well together. I use to use the BAT with an older Bryston 4B. The Bat preamp utilizes 6 - 6922/6dj9/E88cc tubes. I am currently using Mullard E88cc tubes series 2493.A beautiful combo. You might even be able to find one of these preamps for a good deal or even a more updated version.
Hello Everyone ...thanks for the Responses....I came across a great deal on a used MODWRIGHT SWL 9.0 SIG ED.So I bought it. When Ive tinkered with it a while I will repost how it went. thanks...agian.

Matt M
Matt- The MW is a value leader IMO and about as ss-like as you will find in tube line stage. Neutral in my system and was not embarrassed by the much more expensive Doshi Alaap that is covered for while the Doshi was in for service. Enjoy.
This one has the Upgrades too ..Tube 5AR4 rectifier and MW/caps. Should help give it a little more tube sound. I wont get the unit til the 26th..sooo I'm biting my finger nails. I havent had anything close to a good sounding pre amp in a long time.
Have you checked out the Rogue Audio Perseus preamp? It has given new life to my system. It is a good value at around $1895.00. IMO, Rogue Audio makes great stuff for the price
I think you will be very happy with the ModWright 9.0. Especially with the tube power supply and OIMP caps. The ModWright gear always sounds good and with the upgrades you have in your unit, you will have a bit more of that tube sound.
WOW its amazing to me what a preamp does to the system.This Modwright is very stout. It drives my solid state amp no problem. It sounds so much sweeter than the prima luna and with a huge wide soundstage and great seperation. The Tone of my system is so much better, way more texture and colors. Im just using stock tubes too!