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What's the heaviest speaker you've ever owned? What's the tallest?
6.5’ tall / 3’ wide /about 700 lbs each. (4 sections)   
Raven Audio Nighthawk MK3
Realize this is an older post but wanted to follow up on a question/statement made earlier in tbis thread regarding the Reflection. The Reflection MK3 is now underway with a few big enhancements. Feel free to contact Raven for more details.Disclai... 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
We have been looking at several options for coupling capacitors in our upcoming new tube preamplifier products for Purity Audio The only one I have left to evaluate is the ODAM. So far, my preference is the Deulund but these would increase the pri... 
Preamp Output Capacitor: Mundorf Supreme vs. Supreme Silver Oil
I have tried a lot of capacitors over the years and my finding with the Mundorf Silver/Oil is the same as mentioned above. If they maintained the sound of the initial 100 hours, it would be one of my favorite capacitors for a warmer tone. The capa... 
My Triad of Integrateds
Raven Audio Tube amps.  3 levels to choose from.  Outstanding sound that can drive any speakers.Just to follow up on this particular post, Raven will soon also have the upper end Elite Series Reflection MK3 integrated out with several new enhancem... 
Response Audio / Audio Note custom DAC
Hi grateful.I am glad to hear you are still enjoying the custom DAC. From what I remember in building it, not much more to do. However, if you are interested in having a DHT output from the DAC, or any other sourve, we now have a 300B output stage... 
Tube Pre+ Transistor Power will burn your power Amp. easily?
There have been times when I have seen someone cause issues with a solid state amp being ruined by a tube pre but in every case it was due to turning both the preamp and amplifier on at the same time not allowing the voltages of the pre come up fi... 
sunfire classic vacuum tube preamp
hello kedoades, if you are still interested in obtaining more information on the Musica Bella preamps, please feel free to contact me through our site ResponseAudioNY 
Will the Usher 6371 stand the test of time ?
Usher Audio makes their own drivers and they are of exceptional quality. The 6371 is an older model but still a great speaker. Just listen to it and and I think you will agree.  
need balanced tube preamp used
Hi RCPrince As another option to consider, the Musica Bella Lusso preamp is available for half the retail price here on AudioGon and should meet all your requirements and more.Disclaimer: I am associated with Musica Bella 
Do ClassDAudio Amps Have Proper Decay Of Notes?
Dont rule out the importance of the amplifier as well as associated componemts as others have mentioned. I have been using Class D amps for.some.time now as the heart of our hybrid amps. In a system, everything matters. I prefer tubes in front of ... 
what pre-amps to try
With the specs of your amp, yes most preamps will mate well with it. If you want to go under $2k, the Musifa Bella LeAnna, has a low output impedance and is a tube unit sold direct. You can see it listed here on Audiogon.Disclaimer; I am associted... 
Tube preamp for under $3000
There is someone selling a $6,000+ Musica Bella LeAnna VTPS balanced preamp with remote for $2,500(Disclaimer: I am associated with Musica Bella Audio but not selling this piece) 
Normal or Abnormal?
In general, you should not have any noise associated with motorized volume controls regardless of price point.We have <$2,000 preamps with motorized controls and there is no noise at all. You might want to contact MF or the dealer. 
Pre-Amp for Class D Amp
Sorry Charles1.You are correct. My wording was incorrect. The lower the number, the higher the sensitivity. Sorry for the incorrect wording.