Mini-monitors $5,000 - $10,000

I'm looking to replace my Kharma Ceramique 3.2 FE's with a very good mini-monitor. A high WAF factor (I'm a design freak too so I'm in on this too)is important. So far I'm down to the Marten Heritage Duke 2 (I've auditioned their Form speaker so I have a good idea of the "house" sound and like it) and the Joseph Audio Pulsar (which I have yet to hear).

Any thoughts on either would be appreciated as well as alternatives. No, the Raidho's are too much.

I'll be driving them with a SimAudio Moon 600i and a PS Audio PerfectWave DAC. Occasional vinyl once I get a phono amp again. I listen to pretty much everything.

Thanks in advance for your input.
Although it is somewhat larger than the models you mentioned, you may wish to consider the Daedalus Audio Pan.

A search of these forums and elsewhere will reveal lots of favorable commentary about the sound quality, suitability for use with an exceptionally wide range of amplifiers, and other attributes of Daedalus speakers. And their real wood construction, available in a variety of woods, makes their appearance very special. Also, owner/designer Lou Hinkley is a pleasure to deal with.

-- Al
You might consider Vapor Audio. Good Luck
Dealer disclaimer-

The Raidho X1's at $7100 give a LARGE percentage of the sound of the C1.1's and the D1's, which are more expensive and out of your target price point.

You might want to try and hear them if Raidho is of any interest to you.
Dynaudio Confidence C1
Marten Duke 2, Joseph Audio Pulsar
Vivid audio v1.5. May not pass the WAF but is the best speaker in your range I have had many monitors prior Focal Benesch Proac B&w. Nice about the Vivid is stand is integrated
Of course this is personal. But one of the best looking monitor speakers would be the AMR LS-77, Raido C1/D1 and Magico Q1.

However only you can decide what you like to hear and see.
Dynaudio C1 MKII/Signature or the new Raidho X-1
I second the Vivid V1.5. Has a lot of bass for a small speaker.
You are looking for stand mounted speakers I am guessing. How much room away from the rear wall and the side walls will these speakers be placed?
For me, it is the one from Crystal cable!
Intutive Designs Summits
I'd at least consider Rockports and Merlins.
Crazy question but is the sound the OP is after?

As for looks, you must include the Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors or Olympica Is.

We are bringing back Piega to the US, the Piega monitors are a remarkable mini monitor which competes directly with both the Magic Q and the Radiho which are both $20k speakers and in terms of both sound quality and technology betters both:

this is the only coaxial true point source ribbon speaker on the market, so unlike Magico or Radiho you have both the treble and midrange eminate from the same point in space and considering that both sound bands treble and midrange are both ribbon drivers the sound is incredibly transparent, this is a true three way speaker and not a two way monitor.

The cabinet is also not cheap mdf like the Radiho but instead is damped aluminium like the Magicos.


True three way
Point source
Deep bass from a compact enclosure
High performance ribbon midrange and tweeter
Highly efficient
Plays loud
Superb construction and technology
Swiss construction
The new PM1 and Diamond 805 scale down from the full range B&Ws very well. PM1 is something of a bargain for a super mini.

Smaller Raidho should be in scope budget wise and a good match since Nordost demonstrate their wares with those speakers and Moon electronics. Clean tight, fast sound. No hint of grain or brightness.
Would be helpful to know what aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you.
I'd audition the Silverline SR17 Supreme.
Serious eye candy with high WAF that sounds great: KEF Reference 201/2. You will want a sub also -- but heck, I say you need a sub with all of the monitors mentioned above (and yes, I also own the Pulsar and auditioned the C1 extensively).
I believe it has already been mentioned four times above - and sorry to be repetative - but Raidho surely ranks as one of the best monitors available. For your budget you could collect a brand new X-1 or a second hand C1/C-1.1.

Do try them.
Jump on them NOW!!
Dynaudio C1 is known to have synergy with Simaudio. Also look into the Lenehan Audio ML 1 Reference.
Definitely check out Vapor Audio. They are kicking ass at a reasonable price range. There are two reviews out recently.
Good Luck!
Von Schweikert Unifield 2. They look good (imo better than dyn audio & raidho, but not as cool as magico mini 2), better bass than the Magico mini2 (which are known to be weak in that dept anyway) Uni2's are also well built. Overall sound is quite transparent, quality of the bass is bloody awesome..but it took a couple months of use for the bass to get there. Absolutely no need for a sub with these for music.
Kind of surprised nobody mentioned the Evolution Acoustics MMMicroOnes yet. They're fantastic (I own them). Will listen to the Raidho X-1 today just out of curiosity.
I bought the Duke 2, these are the best of the best!

Will update the photos.