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It Was 40 Years Ago Today...
Excellent post, Martykl. Onhwy61: also liked your post about Homer, et al. 
New Springsteen Box: Opinions?
My take is the same as others. I think this a very big improvement of these records' sound quality. 
Your jaw dropping cables
From various cords - TG Audio, Valhalla, Elrod EPS & Statement, Purist, Shunyata, JPS, Cardas...to Elrod Statement Gold. Very seriously jaw dropping. 
Mini-monitors $5,000 - $10,000
I'd at least consider Rockports and Merlins. 
A New Superstar Power Cord
Thanks for this thread, Neal. Have you compared the cord to the Elrod Statement Gold? I agree with Lak. Please keep us posted. 
Miles Davis The Original Mono CD's
Rockadanny - I'm interested in a single CD too. How do I email you? 
Beatles Tribute Tv special....
I loved it too. I'm surprised this thread doesn't have more responses. 
Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
I don't know, but this would be a good question for Oppo : ) 
Goodbye Pete Seeger
Thank you for starting this thread. And great post, Schubert! 
Can one get the high-rez version on disc?If not, where does one get the mono version? I could find neither on Amazon.Thanks 
David Elrod. the man , the cable the company.
I also could not agree more with the very positive statements about David and his cables. He is a true gentleman. 
Still mystified by mega expensive power cords
I don't believe in "believing" or "not believing" in power cords : ) I listen and then decide whether something is significantly better or not. For me, in my system, the Elrod Statement Gold cords are a revelation. 
Cerious Technologies?
I have the original, non-Nano ICs. I have emailed Robert Grost several times about the Nanos,and have never gotten a response. Does anyone have an email address for him that is different than what is on the website?Thanks 
What speakers should I consider around $5000?
I suggest considering Merlins. 
Now that the Oppo 105 has been out for a while
I suggest that you do a search for this information. There are tons of things written about the 105.