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Seeking alternatives to Oppo
If I were you, I would definitely get an Oppo 105 and try it. You have 30 days to return it, at least if you buy it directly from Oppo. I think you will be very surprised how good it is, especially if you put a few hundred hours on it before comin... 
Songs With Best Ending
"Her majesty's a pretty nice girl, but she doesn't have a lot to say...someday I'm gonna make her mine, oh yeah..." 
Neil Young - Individual Blu Ray releases
Wow...thank you! 
Are some of us losing our minds over upgrades??
First of all, those of us who are music lovers and audiophiles HAVE lost our minds; and come to our SENSES! Second, any upgrade I make is an upgrade; otherwise it would be a downgrade. : ) Third, IMHO, only the individiual changing something can m... 
Elrod statement vs Shunyata anaconda zitrons
Jonchew: There are several Elrod Statement cords, e.g., Gold, Silver, Diamond. There is a big difference between them. 
Why does most new music suck?
Agree with you mostly, although honestly I haven't heard a lot of new music. FWIW, compression can "mess up" even good to great music. There are plenty of examples, including Bruce Springsteen's "Magic." 
External DAC For Oppo 105 At What Cost?
Hi Mitch,Ricevs's response is sort of what I was getting at.John 
External DAC For Oppo 105 At What Cost?
Good point, Mitch. It never seems to end for us audiophiles. 
External DAC For Oppo 105 At What Cost?
Sure...I understand. My point was/is only "what if the Modwright version sounds better than the stock 105 with a better DAC?" 
External DAC For Oppo 105 At What Cost?
I don't know the answer to your specific question, but have you considered the Modwright modification? It is phenomenal! 
Best monitor for under $4000.00
I can only say that I love my TSMs. And that I have owned B&Ws in the past and founding them wanting. Things may have changed since then, however. Unfortunately, I have not heard the others. 
Where to buy a Sgt Pepper Album Cover?
Thanks everyone. 
low volume, microdynamics,body,presence, 10k used.
If you would consider a 2-way, you might want to check into Merlins. Or maybe a used pair of Rockports (maybe unlikely to find them at your price, though). 
Where to buy a Sgt Pepper Album Cover?
Goofyfoot: the album comes with a poster? 
Where to buy a Sgt Pepper Album Cover?
Thanks Roscoeiii...since the changes on the site, I can't figure out how to send you a message. I am still looking and interested. If no can help with how to message you, I'll post my email address here.