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Songs With Best Ending
Springsteen's "Jungleland" 
Well-produced recent jazz cd's - recommendations?
I suggest some recordings on the ECM label. 
Exemplar Denon 3910
I think that's a great way to go, Warren. I have always been extremely happy with John Tucker's work. In this case, I just didn't want to wait for the 105 mods. 
Exemplar Denon 3910
Hi Warren,I too owned an Exemplar 3910 for many years (and loved it). A couple years ago, I tried an Oppo 95. It was clearly inferior to the Exemplar in my audio system, but I do use it in my video system. Recently, I bought a Modwright-modified O... 
Connecting cable box RCA digital out...
Marakanetz: My question is does TV sound significantly better through the DAC vs going directly from the cable box to a preamp or integrated amp? I understand that a good DAC “should” sound better, but I’m wondering if it does in the real world... 
Connecting cable box RCA digital out...
Mara:Did the sound improve dramatically??? 
Rega Apollo - DAC / Player to beat it
In that price range, I would highly recommend consider looking into the Modwright-modified Oppo 105. 
Arcam, Cambridge Audio or Sony: Most musical??
I'm curious about why you wouldn't consider the Oppo 105. 
Dunlavy SC IV or Merlin VSM M
I agree with Onhwy61's comments on 4/30 (as long as manufacturers and dealers are clearly identified). 
"What's The Best Value Speaker In $5k-$10k Range?"
I'd suggest at least auditioning some Merlins in that price range. 
Power Cord up to $100?
The Grant Fidelity cord is by far the best I've heard at the "cheap" level of power cords. It is $125, however. 
Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
A p.s. to Dsper:I have an Oppo 95 that I use only for a separate video system. I have had it my audio system, and the differences between it and the Modwright 105 are sort of like night and day. I couldn't stand the 95 in my audio system, and I lo... 
Is the Oppo-105 with Modwright modifications
Since the 105 is a relatively new product, you may not find anyone who has heard the stock and modified versions. If you do some research, though, I think you will find a lot of comments made about Modwright's modifications of previous players. 
The absolute "best" filter/conditioner for digital
I don't know about "absolute," but the best I have used is the Pure Power + (for either digital or analog). 
Purepower 2000+ and 3000+ actual availability???
I received my Pure Power units back in the summer of 2012 (the second one may have been in the fall). I have posted before on this thread, if anyone wishes to read about my experience. The bottom line, though, is that I have had no hum issues; and...