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Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.
Tekunda - Any idea how soon you will be able to reveal what this less expensive cable is? 
Cable shoot-out: FIM against Valhalla
Your concern seems very warranted, Tekunda. I had only a very brief experience with an FIM cable. I had similar concerns. Your post actually reminds me how frustrating this hobby can be sometimes. And I still don't understand why more manufacturer... 
Best 20A IEC power cord
Ozfly - Many manufacturers will make a cord for you with a 20A connector. I say this only because I wouldn't limit your search to those who make a STOCK 20 amp cord. The best cord I've found is the Harmonix Studio Master. Fanfare International imp... 
My first impression of the Nordost Valhallas.
Mes-I own a Blowtorch too! Can you tell me anything about how to audition the Pathfinders? Also, can you tell me if you have any experience with Silversmith? And, if so, how it compares to Valhalla and Jena? Thanks very much. 
My first impression of the Nordost Valhallas.
Does anybody have experience comparing Silversmith cables to Valhalla? (or other, extremely expensive cables) 
Power cord for Rowland Model 10?
I like the Harmonix Studio Master on my Model 10. It's available through Fanfare International. You'll have to special order the 20A version. I also recommend the Custom Power Company Top Gun HCFI (but not the regular Top Gun).