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Lamm ML2.2 for Marten Parkers?
They deep down to 3ohm and that is what worries me!  
Lamm ML2.2 for Marten Parkers?
Let's say if anyone listened to their Quintek yet? It is difficult to drive?  
Pre amp for Lamm!
I am already using High gain. I should say that when I am paring it with ML2.1 vs ML2.2, I found that that later sounded a bit less dynamic and flat. The Herron just sings with the 2.1 but parring with 2.2 it just feels disjoined and flat. 
Symposium still in business?
They finally replied and I am able to order direct from them. Our dealer in Australia has been inactive for years. 
Calling help for Lamm ML2.1 biasing!
Thanks for the input and all these info helps to make sense now! So higher numbers makes the tube goes hotter as the max. value should not exceed 0.31dc. This has anyways been the way I calibrated too. I just got confused when I read from another ... 
Calling help for Lamm ML2.1 biasing!
Well, I am a teach noob but all I needed to know is when I bias on the V2 position. Valves higher than 0.31VDC meant making the tube hotter? I just don't want to fry the amp. I guess many seasoned ML2.1 owners will know the answer. 
What would happen when you under Bias your tubes?
Thanks for your replies but let's make one thing clear! If 31.5 is the correct bias and if I set the tubes only to 26.5 then is this under bias or over bias? 
Am I the only one who doesn’t love Harbeth P3esr?
Run in ..... 
Review: Grado Grado Reference Phono Cartridge Cartridge
Hi Montaldo,I happened to own 'The Reference' before I was able to get a NOS 'The Statement'. Mine was VPI version which gives 1mv out put. I have no problem with harshness at all with both of mine. I guess you just need to play it for 100-150 hou... 
Power cord for digital stuffs?
Seriously... Yes, I have always been using that!! 
Power cord for digital stuffs?
I actually got a Meridian G808.2i recently. In the past, I have always used stock power cables with my G08.  Many people told me that big and bad cables actually thickens the sound. It was the previous owner of my 808 who told me it actually impro... 
Meridian 808.2 any goo still?
Actually, I have just brought one for less then $3500. I compare it with my G08.2 and the improvement is huge. wonder what power cord does people use with them? 
Grado cartridges still worth the money?
Hey guys, I have received the Reference 2. It has hum problems so I returned it. Later on, I got a chance on a NOS The Statement. Brought it. It has no hum! It has something special in terms of tones. I like it very much. Not as airy or dynamic as... 
Grado cartridges still worth the money?
Just ordered a new Statement Series Reference 2!! Watch this space... 
Grado cartridges still worth the money?
Hey,, People start talking now. Wish someone has tried the series 2 Reference?