Inna gadda da Vida long version

Anybody know where I can get a copy  of this? 
I like to revisit my halcyon days "stoned". 

eBay should have it.
Amazon has it in CD, LP & mp3.
They don't offer the extended version of 17+ minutes! 
eBay has the LP with the 17 min. Version. Hel-loo!

Are you talking about the 19 minute live version? Discogs has it on vinyl and Cd. I urge you to look for the Rhino 24 bit remaster on cd,it has both the studio version and the live version and the sound is quite good compared to the original recording.
An erry story I remember the day I bought it I was at The Habit trying their hamburger for the first time and waiting for my order.
I was reading the liner notes which comes with the cd and look up. Sitting at my table waiting for his order was local weatherman icon from Channel 7 eyewitness news Dr. George Fishbeck. I reconconized  him and we talked for a bit then he left with his order.
When he left it dawned on me that his  only son was accidently shot with a rifle while in a van driving through La Tuna Canyon and died. Dr. George found solace at this time in his life through self medication which led to him leaving eye witness news. The drummer Ron Bushy of Iron Butterfly disappeared only to be found in the bottom of a raveen 7 years later sitting in his car dead
In that canyon.

I have the Rhino disc and it is quite good. Still amazes me how they were able to produce such a deep layered sound but were never able to grab that sound again. Now where is that weed I stashed 50+ years ago?...
Heavy by Iron Butterfly is my favorite recording by them,it was either my 2nd or 3rd album I bought. They just released it in  its original mono  mix on vinyl and it kills.
17:05 long .. my first album i ever bought in the summer of 1972.The album is from 1968.The Rhino cd is the digital to own.The original lp is THE way to here it.
An Iron Butterfly thread, great.  For my money, their best album is Metamorphosis.  By the time of that album, they added two guitarists, Mike Pinera and Rhino.  Pinera was fresh from his stint with Blues Image and he and Rhino were at their creative peak.  The album still rocks and I look forward to it every time I put it on (and I haven't done any drugs in 35 years!).  Their subsequent live album, recorded in Europe (?) has good live versions of some of the songs from Metamorphosis as well.
Far out man...
Slayer covered it...
If you can find an early US pressing in decent condition (assuming you still play records), it doesn’t sound bad at all. And that recent mono reissue of Heavy is fun.
I saw them back in the day- opening acts were Mind Garage and Rhinoceros. I loved the use of the middle of Inna Gadda in the Michael Mann film Manhunter.
It seems like there is some renewed interest in the band, after years of being back-shelved as dated early, excessive psych. Inna Gadda became sort of a joke. But, they seem to have gotten respect from those who appreciate early heavy pre-metal. I have a friend who has a great story about declining a ride from Sharon Tate when he was hitching (she, driving a 275 GTB-can’t remember if it was a "4"--Roman’s car). He then got a lift from the band, who were headed to a concert at his destination. Life is strange. Enjoy it.
Whart-I don;t think I heard you right.You're friend was hitch hiking and he declined a ride from Sharon Tate? Life certainly is strange.
He declined a ride with Sharon Tate and a ride in a Ferarri? 

Ron Bushy was Brooks Berdan's favorite drummer. I didn't have the heart to tell him.....
Yeah, the story is, he was in LA area, and hitching up toward Santa Barbara. She could only offer him a ride to Mulholland area, and he would have been stuck- he was better where he was, near a freeway (I guess) to get a ride all the way. Funny thing is, I saw this story when the Polanski car was put up for private sale in Europe; it didn’t identify the story teller. I mentioned this to my friend, who is a pretty serious car collector in his own right; he said, "I told the dealer that story- that was me!"
Life is strange. Hey, at least he got to hang w/ the band. :) Sharon T.- very sad.

Interestingly, he went "public" with the story a couple years ago in this interview (you have to scroll down a bit if you aren't into racing cars): [url][/url]. 
Thrift stores sometimes have it on vinyl.
Another +vote for the Rhino CD! Trippy...
Whart, thanks for the link, went to my fave list b/c I'm into cars too.
77jovian, Agreed. I have the WLP, it rocks!