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Give 'Ambrosia' another listen
That first album is a killer Early prog rock sells out to radio love songs. They started so strong  
Give 'Ambrosia' another listen
That first album is a killer ......... Time stands for no one. Early 70s prog rock sells out to radio love songs. They started strong.  
Kimber Kable hero
I have used them for many years now.  
Greatest Songwriter of all time
Paul Williams Leon Russell Carol King  
Looking for suggestions
Vandersteen Rotel S14  
Songs of debauchery and excess
Starz / night crawer a song about rape and he's proud of it. Real wrong !  
The Bold. The Outrageous. The Projects You've Done. And, the One's You Shouldn't Have.
Built a 10' X 10' X 4" plateform for a basement stereo just not to be on a concrete floor.  
Types of Audiophiles
If you can listen only. Eyes open or shut ... reading nothing (phone ,computer) Not driving,not walking,not cleaning.not back ground music. That you are not board or restless. That is a music lover.  
My Amp is good but probably the weak point
Sorry but another speaker is the weak link here. I had those speakers and I liked them but didn't love them.  
Which Solid State amplifier would you recommend for my budget?
Krell KSA owner here........ but look at the amps mentioned above by jjss49. They are newer and won't require service anytime soon.  
Do your speakers bite??
I love the jump factor ! Bass plucking on higher pitch notes is when I get it. I know it's the current pushed by my krell ksa amp.  
Help With Small Room Speaker Decisions.
SUBLESS was your best choice. I have tried and failed to use subs in a music only two channel system.  
Can someone help me pick out my first speakers?
Manley Chinook - setting for Ortofon Quintet Black S
This thread is so old tjjunk won't care anymore but what the hell here you go. Same cartridge I have found the following settings sound great to me. 60db gain 150 ohms    
What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
Kimber PBJ  rca interconnect