Highly Recommended CHILL OUT CDs???

Hi everyone - just going thru a Chill Out phase at the moment hifi wise. I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations. Anything in the Style of BLISS - Quiet Letters would be great! Otherwise, any other audiophile sounding pressings or titles.
Thanks in advance
Dave Samuels-- Ten Degrees North
Spyro Gyra--Three Wishes
David Benoit--Waiting For Spring
Many Pink Floyd and David Gilmour albums
two words:
lemon jelly (anything but 64/95 is incredible)

also see: jack johnson & low (start w/ trust). maybe espers 2 for more in the vein of low, but a bit darker.
Koop "Koop Islands" (definitely check out... unique)

Thunderball "Scorpio Rising"

Jack Johnson "Sleep Through the Static" (love him/hate him)

Easy Star All Stars "Dub Side of the Moon" (Floyd's DSOTM in dub reggae)

Billy Holiday "Re-mixed and Re-Imagined"

Beck "Sea Change" (might make you cry"
Zero 7 -- "When It Falls" or "Simple Things"
Sufjan Stevens -- "Come On Feel The Illinoise" Be advised with this one, once you press play, you ain't getting up until it's finished.
Agree with the Beck suggestion above.
'David Gilmour albums'?

A great cure for Insomnia.
"We are driving, driving, driving on the au - to - bahn" Kraftwork's Autobahn
George Winston, and almost all Windham Hill label cd's should fit the bill.
Massive Attack
Kruder & Dorfmeister
Peace Orchestra
Waveform Compilations...One A.D., Two A.D. & Three A.D.
ps. I just love when people randomly throw all kinds of artists out there that have absolutely no resemblance to the reference artist. It looks like maybe only 2 people actually took the time to see what Bliss was even like.
Thanks everyone!
Totally agree Synthfreek :P
Have some stuff to checkout at least now
many thanks again!
Brian Eno
Mazzy Star
Keren Ann
Bic Runga
Shelby Lynne
Gotan Project
Bebel Gilberto
Everything But The Girl
Zero 7
Skyscraper Frontier
Israel Kamakawiwo'ole
Keolo Beamer
Good thread, here's a few choice picks :

Nor Elle "Slapstick"

Erotic Moods (Vol 3) "Romantica"

Mark Dwane "Angels, Aliens & Archetypes"

Vangelis "Blade Runner"

Asche & Spencer Soundtrack "Monster's Ball"

Miramar "True North"

Tony O Connor "Aqua Zone"

Opera To Relax "From Life To Life"
Hello, not in the style of Bliss, but Budda Bar, Chill out in Paris Vol 1 is my favorite of the Budda Bar Series. Be sure it is Vol 1 containing 2 discs - Chill and Burn. Currently out of print but available if you search.
Enya - Orinoco Flow
10-23-08: Dedicatedaudio
Hello, not in the style of Bliss[[SO WHY MENTION IT]], but Budda Bar, Chill out in Paris Vol 1 is my favorite of the Budda Bar Series. Be sure it is Vol 1 containing 2 discs - Chill and Burn. Currently out of print but available if you search.{[[[ OH! if you Search you will find 2 FOR SALE by Dedicated Audio]]]here on this site.They have been trying to sell these here for months for $99.99,Now only $59.95. $25-$40 on E Bay...Dealers like this we don't need here,A lot of this goes on here.....JD
Try somafm.com - Groove Salad
HIA (Higher Intelligence Agency)/Pete Namlook & Biosphere CDs. Also some of the early Pole CDs 1,2, 3 on Matador these are ambient dub...awesome stuff. Get 'em. Others that come to mind are Popul Vuh, Eno Ambient and Discreet music.

I can give many more recs. if you like those.
Shadorne, I think one of the early Southpark episodes described this song perfectly when one of the younglings (I can't remember but it wasn't Kenny or Cartman) was locked in a dark room and forced to listen to this track by his grandfather who wanted to be euthanized. His gramps basically said that experience is similar to being old and the kid totally agreed that gramps should be put down rather than undergo that torture. Too funny.
There is no doubt Enya has been on of the most successful "chill out" artists out there.

Those kids in South Park need to chill out a bit, especially Cartman......

"Moonchild" by King Crimson is a great chillout piece, especially the notorious long ambient second portion of the complete album track.
Actually, most everyone in South park needs to chill out a bit. They get worked up about most anything now don't they?

Especially Peruvian Pan Flute Bands.......
I quit watching that show many years ago...toilet humor only goes so far, but I did think it was funny because that song was very played out.
I had not heard, nor hear of BLISS before your post, but after a quick listen, (I really like it) here's some I have that are similar:

Global Communication - "76.14" (this is very similar to "Quiet Letters")
The Future Sound of London - "Lifeforms" (Also similar)
Brian Eno - "Drawn From Life", and "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks", most of Eno's other "ambient" releases
Harold Budd - "Avalon Sutra" (less similar, but still ambient)

There are lot's more I have, but those are the first that come to mind.
I'd also go Harold Budd but choose Luxa as a favourite

also interesting and worth checking out

Max Richter The Blue Notebooks


Craig Armstrong

The Space Between Us

There are so many..................
Global Communication-76:14 is EASILY one of my top 10 albums of ANY genre and should be in everyone's music collection. I don't think it will ever sound dated.
Global Communication....YES!!!
Kitaro's "Silk Road" and John Jarvis's "Whatever Works" should mellow you out. pretty clean for redbook cds

Anything by Portis Head. I prefer their first but most people like DUMMY.
First Portishead is a good call!
Dummy IS the first Portishead album.
Banzai Republic - Where The Fun Starts Early In The Day
Danish label mates of Bliss, they did some work on the Bliss recording.
Cantoma is also recommended.
The UK Just Music label is also worth exploring.
Nick Bartch's Ronin: album title is Holon: ECM, excpetionally well recorded....swiss pianist goes zen chill with a bit of backbeat...great stuff

Bugge Wesseltoft: Moving...a bit hard to find but one of my favorites: jazz but with electronica chill...
Van Morrison
"Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra" - Synergy
Van Morrison--, No Guru, No Method No Teacher and Astral Weeks are also excellent listening. Karma by Delerium is excellent and Sarah McLauchlin never sounded better!
Second "Astral Weeks"
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"I'll Take Care of You" Mark Lanegan
"Electronic Realizations for Rock Orchestra" - Synergy
good call . . . Larry Fast (aka Synergy) recorded multiple albums and they are all great, though a little higher energy than the reference recording.
Jamie Cullum -twentysomething...
How about a few "classical" and jazz chill out suggestions:

George Gurdjieff: Chants, Hymns and Dances (classical)

Franquiz Ali-Zade: Mugam Sayagi (classical--Kronos Quartet)

Somei Satoh: Birds in Warped Time II (classical/
minimalist, will be hard to find a recording but transcendentally beautiful)

Arvo Part: Tabla Rasa, Fratres, Cantus (classical on ECM label)

Charlie Haden/Quartet West: Haunted Heart (Jazz, perhaps it demands too much attention to be "chill out")

Tord Gustavsen Trio: Being There (jazz)
Found a new one: The Album Leaf
Hotel Costes has a greatest hits.
Okay, I went and heard a little.

Azure Ray comes to mind.
Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms
Mike Oldfield - Songs Of Distant Earth

Lustmord and Robert Rich - Stalker ....something in a darker vein though
Alio Die - Fissures
Lightwave - Mundus Subterraneus...to name few more
BTW, as far as my recommendations, I have to admit I have no clue who Bliss is...sorry...
Here's a new one:

Klaus Schulze and Lisa Gerrard - "Farscape"
It's a new release (August 2008) 2 disc CD and amazing. I just got mine yesterday and have only had a chance to listen to disc I, but it alone is worth the $14.99 I paid. It has those great Lisa Gerrard chants, Klaus's usual synth work with some great deep bass synth notes.

Also, good call by Branislav - Mike Oldfield "Song of a Distant Earth"
I forgot about that Schulze/Gerrard disc coming out...first thing I'll look for tomorrow morning.
Steve Roach has some memorable albums - Magnificent Void and Desert Solitaire, to name a couple...
This disc is fused with down tempo electronic groves laying a foundation over which Federico's Spanish guitars creep up and down. This record is fantastic. It blew me away. Highly recommended.

This really sticks with the original post to be close to BLISS. I much prefer Federico's stuff over Bliss.