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Austin TX — February, 2009
I've been itching to demo Zu Audio speakers for a long time. Anyone in the area open to having me over for a listen?  
Why do people that are Into rap and hip-hop even want a high-end audio system
I don't need Richard Vinklesteen's appreciation to play any damn thing I want on my system. 
Why do people that are Into rap and hip-hop even want a high-end audio system
Are there even moderators at this place? Are these ridiculous taters threads the type of content they want on the top of the forum every day? I’d like to see taters pinned down Clockwork Orange style with The Geto Boys catalog played on 10 on a loop. 
When rap came out 30 years ago I thought it was just a fad
This thread would have lasted about 5 minutes on just about any owner reputable music forum before being zapped by a moderator. Let me of your best friends is black? 
When rap came out 30 years ago I thought it was just a fad
Why did you beat around the bush? Why didn't you just title your thread, "I Hate Rap Music!"? 
Zu audio advice
I wouldn't want to waste their time since buying new is not an option. I was just hoping for some general impressions from someone intimately familiar with both, not an exact description of what they would sound like in my listening room. 
Recent Ambient/Electronica?
^---Good stuff. Shackleton is crazy good. I'll throw a recommendation out for everything on the Carpe Sonum label. It's basically a label set up for Fax artists since Pete Namlook's death. If you're into the mid-90s Fax sound then grab the 20 or s... 
Zu audio advice
Can anyone compare Klipsch Heritage models to Zu? Specifically the Omen Def Mk. II. I have had Klipsch Cornwalls in my system for a while now and was thinking of possibly making a change this year. My amplification is PrimaLuna ProLogue Three pre ... 
When rap came out 30 years ago I thought it was just a fad
Some of you are horrible people. 
Best Rock Album of 2015
Nothing comes close to Ghost - Meliora for me. Best hard rock album I've heard in a long time. People are probably turned off by their appearance thinking they must be some sort of theatrical black or death metal band but they are FAR from that. V... 
Edgar Winter is still alive.
At least 2 of the 4 threads actually have his name spelled correctly in the title.True fans! 
Austin, Tx Hillcountry Audio Club
I've got a lot going on right now but I'd be down with a little listening session at some point. 
Help with compression and dynamic range
But you are the one who took the thread off course Saki by creating your own definitions to common audio terms. You're making it sound like you're being the moderator and getting things back on track when it was you who caused the derailment to be... 
Help with compression and dynamic range
This is the first time I've ever heard compression defined as "the omission of the highs and lows." 
Music server for a newbie
But part of the appeal of integrating a computer with your audio system is to surf around and discover new music. If you're satisfied with your Famous Blue Raincoat and Jazz at the Pawnshop and stuck in that rut then maybe a dedicated server sans ...