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Dussun V8I vs. Seventies amps and receivers?
I also highly recommend this amplifier! I have it in my system at the moment and it is really fantastic value for money! I have used it both as a power amp and as an integrated. Both were great.Build quality is just fantastic. Sound stage and bass... 
the greatest pop song ever?
Living On A Prayer - Bon Jovi 
Perfect Debute Albums
Van Halen S/T A CLASSIC!!!! 
Best Integrated, period.
For the money - DUSSUN V8i 
what amp will match well with Tyler acoustics
I`m driving my Linbrooks with bass monitors with DUSSUN V8i. I`m just using the power section. The grip and control and sound is just amazing! Fantastic integrated amplifier 500 watts into 4 ohms and well within your budget. 
XLR cable for basic beginner
SOUNDSILVER.Contact Stewart. He posts his stuff for sale here. Great sounding Silver XLR cables for way less than a $100! Awesome build and great construction! 
Power Cord for $50 or less?
Buy some good quality Electrical cable, some good quality connectors and make some cables yourself. They will sound as good as anything you buy. Get the satisfaction of having made them yourself. 
Best budget $300 Balanced IC Recommendation
Agree with THOLT on Soundsilver interconnects! Amazing value for what you get! Stewart is awesome to deal with as well.If you want to spend more then i can also recommend the Pure Note Alluvion xlr`s. But for great sound, build quality and superb ... 
What`s your fave Audiophile Chill Out recording?
I guess my fave Chill out styles are from BLISS.I love Quiet letters & After life Cds are my faves.So looking for that kinda style of music is any can recommendCheers 
Advice on interconnect choice
Great sounding Silver interconnects at amazing prices!Contact Stewart! he will look after you! 
6h30 tube
Agree with Gigi. I used 6n6p tubes in my Droplet Cd player and found them much more musical than the 6h30. Give them a try! 
speaker cables
Agree Check out Clear Day Cables! 
Contact Cleaner Recommendations??
Glad to hear your happy with it! It`s such a cheap tweak and a bottle should last quite a while that`s for sure 
DCCA or Shunyata help?
I had the older version of the Eminence Power cable and it was excellent. I used it on both Solid state and tube power amps and made an significant sonic improvement. I can only imagine the newer model/version sounding even better. 
Contact Cleaner Recommendations??
Yep also agree - shipping was super fast from the UK and they were great to deal with.