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Can the Harbeth 40.1's boggie ?????
If you wanted boogie, why didn't you look at some of the larger ATC actives? 
Omega Super 3 owners - what amp are you using?
I would seriously look at one of Nelson's First Watt amps. 
Great Organists in Rock
Wow, no mention of Moe Denham.Fail. 
Harbeth M30 Amp suggestions
I would be looking at integrated amps from the following...Sugden Masterclass AccuphaseRowland 
Recordings with BASS
Sunn 0)))Love it.99.9% of the people on this forum won't know who they are. 
Are there any albums you consider perfect?
Off the cuff and top of my head with a variety of genre...The Ghost of Tom Joad & NebraskaSticky Fingers & Let It BleedAbbey Road & Let it BeElectric WarriorHarvestEnter the 36 ChambersPaul's BoutiqueNevermindDirtAnd Justice For AllThi... 
heavy metal
All will fall when to The Sword.If you're digging The Sword, you need to check out...Kyuss...Blues for the Red SunMonster Magnet...Dopes to InfinityHigh on Fire...Snakes for the DivineDead Meadow...Three KingsClutch...ClutchGraveyard...Hisingen Bl... 
Great films where music is a central theme.
Great films where music is a central theme.
The Life Aquatic 
Terrible/Inappopriate songs ...
So easy being critical.The handful of songs that you may consider duds from an otherwise accomplished artist/bands catalog only serve to make the majority of the catalog that much more enjoyable.No one has managed to fill a catalog with only polis... 
From pro to hi-fi and a little confused...
Here ya go.End thread.http://www.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?spkrfull&1315432737&/Tyler-Acoustics-PD80-Speakers- 
From pro to hi-fi and a little confused...
I'd save my money for a big pair of active ATC's.A cheaper, and perhaps equally pleasing, path toward rock the way you want would be Tyler PD series. Big active woofer(s) and horn.Look for a pair traded back to Ty.Ty is a class act.Can't really go... 
Harbeths and Tube Amps
For tube amplification, Rogue Audio has several options that should drive Harbeths very nicely.I would personally also look at SS amps to drive Harbeths. My immediate options would be McIntosh, Bryston, McCormack, Plinius, and Rowland among a few ... 
Worst record ever?
African Child-Aldous Snow 
Best CD I've heard so far 2011.........
Snakes for the Divine-High on FireSoon to be released Kaiors-Sepultura may dethrone this metal masterpiece.