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I have taken a couple of weeks to write this and my achieved results have been well worth it. I have prior reviewed the CryoParts Beast pc and have since ordered and installed Locus Designs Polestar power cord (Locus Designs is the Big Brother Co.) changing the Beast from the ARC CD2 to the Classe CAP 151.
The Polestar equipped with Oyaide 029 connectors was inserted on the ARC and with the Classe now enjoying the benefits of the Beast from the first day was like have a totally new system to listen to. The Polestar lowered the noise floor so much that it was hard to believe that it had bettered the Beast in such a convincing matter yet freshly in it had! First up was Red Rider’s Neruda CD, I am very familiar with this CD and after hearing the first cut (Light in the Tunnel), I finally realized for all these years what has been meant by “digital glare” because now it was gone. Pace, attack, decay and dynamics were so that I have never heard before except from super expensive systems at the audio stores before, the CD was always a bit slow and out of step but was now as if I had a strobe that had corrected this and was finally revealing what the CD sounded like NOT THE CORDS, the MUSIC now had life. With the cords in place the sound emits from a solid black velvet background, separation and placement was exact as being at the recording secession and separation was layered as never before. On cut #4 “Can’t Turn Back” the synthesizer attack is laser fast; there is depth placement between the singers and the gentle striking of the high hat cymbal coveys the metal composition. On cut #8 “Sights on You” the Piano’s impact, pace and ambience is now correct, a very important attribute. Moving on Enya’s Memories of Trees CD, there is now aire surrounding the instruments as opposed to ambient reverb.
As you listen to the violins, as I have heard them in our church and have concentrated on the plucking of the strings and the musical emotion conveyed, I could now feel the delicate plucking and the feel of the bow sliding across the strings. The presentation was relaxed, natural and exceptionally involving, with voicing and instrumental placement very exact. From Supertramp’s “Crime of the Century” Cuts 4 & 5 the orchestra melts into the music, triangle is crisp and sparkling and for the first time since owning the release in the1970’s you can hear the singer saying “Not quite right” in the selection’s ending, there is no longer any edginess at all. On Cut #2 the saxophone is wonderful in ease of presentation and naturalness, Cut #7 you can now hear the rattling of the reed(s) from the clarinet!
And yes it continues that way, the Polestar is a special power cord and the Beast enhances the qualities it presents but, make no mistake if the CD is poorly recorded it exposes it very readily. Coldplay’s “X & Y” is poorly recorded and is congested but with just the Beast on the ARC before was all but unlistenable, with the Polestar and the Beast it has opened and relaxed it but it doesn’t hide how shallow and poorly produced it is. On Meatloaf “Couldn’t have said it better” (one of my favorite CDs) again exposes the production for all it’s pit falls, it takes no prisoners as it will not for any poorly recorded CD. The difference now is that the actual music is what’s now heard, it is amazing it heard what the effect that the factory cords had made on the equipment before and what the Polestar and Beast allow the equipment’s actual voicing now and I could go on raving about the differences as well. There is no doubt that the factory supplied cords while being good also restricted the life’s blood to flow thru the equipment, having the Polestar in place (as well as the Beast) lets the soul of the music to penetrate and involve you and there is still a bigger brother to the Polestar, the Nucleus which is still better (ahhhh, the future is bright!). With no doubts in my opinion for power cord changes the Locus Design, CryoParts companies have what you’d like and will compete with the absolute best that’s available.

Associated gear
ARC CD2, Classe CAP 151, Apogee Slant 6, RSA Poeima Signiture IC, CryoParts Beast pc, Bright Star Audio Air Mass, Big Rock 3s, 48" Room Tunes and Corner Tunes

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How much is the Polestar?
Jond please check the Locus Design web sight @ prices vary according to lenth, I use 7ft. Alos I have no ties to either CryoParts or Locus Designs aside from being one VERY happy customer.
Thanks for the kind words!

Rsjm80 is a very careful and skilled listener, and a great person to deal with! Nothing makes us happier than when one of our customers is as pleased with our products as Rsjm80 is--as evidenced by the above review. Makes all of the hard work worth it!

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Nice review Ray. I'm glad you are getting to find out just how good the stuff you already have can sound. This is the only way to get off the constant electronics upgrade path and get a system that can make music. I have been a tweaker for more than 20 years. For those that think we're crazy, we'll, I just feel a bit sorry for them.

I for one would love to hear what Acrolink and Oyaide all the way from my breaker box to my gear would sound like? Unfortunatly mine is a low budget opperation.

Congratulations to you Guitarplayer for what sounds like a fine product.(you wouldn't have a few hundred feet of that stuff lying around along with some of those outlets lying around to send me for "review" now would you? While you're at it a few IEC's and some male plugs would come in handy to complete the set up? Can't wait to eyeball the isolation transformer)
Keith, Thank you for your patient guidence and suggestions. When Lee and I first started to corrospond and I was deciding on a pc it scared me to death but, as you can see it was one of the the best and most important upgrades I've made along with the Bright Star Isolation peices. I just never realized the differences in the way the life's blood flows thru outstanding pcs before and the netural non colored presentation I now enjoy. Again Thank you Lee and Keith.