what power cord do you use on the playback designs

what power cord do you use on the playback designs mp5 cd player/dac?

I was using the audience E powerchord but have recently found the Shunyata Python CX to be much better? I have also heard the Evolution Acoustics Power Cable which was also quite excellent.

Anyone else have other recommendations?


I really like Synergistic Research Halogram D on PD. I tried Shunyata King Cobra CX and really like the bass but found the midrange and high a bit on the dry side. One PC that was better than SR Halogram D was Stealth. However, Stealth sounds better only when they are quite a few Stealth PCs in the system. When I tried only one Stealth digital PC on PD in the past, I was not impressed but once I added Stealth PC for my mono blocks amps, Stealth on PD made a much better impression, enough that I started slowly to replace SR PC with Stealth for the rest of my system. SR has bigger, heavier bass, bigger sounding, a bit less open and less focus than Stealth. Stealth is a touch leaner but just as punchy, cleaner, more detail.

However, I have not try the new SR power cords that have interchangeable active shielding circuit.

I am using the Tara labs colbalt and find it gives me everything I wanted. The inner details is out of this world with layers of music that was missing from other PC's. From the highs to the low, the extension is to the extream but without sounding harsh or bloated. The Colbalt IMO is one of the best of the best high end PC avaliable so good that I'm using five pieces in my system.

However, a very good friend of mine who also used the Colbalt has moved to the Evolution Acoustic's non passive filter version PC and said to be slightly better. Having said that, He have Evolution Acoustic speakers so maybe the synergy is playing a part in it. I havn't tried the Evolution PC so cannot advice further.

I'm extreamly happy for what the Colbalt does for my system and will stay put as far as PC goes.

i use the Absolute Fidelity power cords on my Playback Designs MPS-5 from Gary Ko of Genesis Loudspeakers. I also us an Equi=tech 10Kva isolation transformer (the 10WQ Wall Panel System). i think power cords must be considered in the context of a specific system.

i have 9 of the Absolute Fidelity power cords in my system. there are separate versions of this power cord for amps, another for preamps and sources, another for components with motors such as turntables or tape decks, and even specific ones for subwoofers i used on the digital amps of my MM3's.


i'm very happy with these power cords. they use top level Furutech connectors.

depending on length, they run from $1800 to $2500 list price.