Does any one know a cable that is able to compete with clear day double shotgun?

I have a pair of clear day double shotgun and curious to know how its level is in the current market. If you have tried clear day’s double shotgun and some other speaker cables, please share your experience. Thank you in advance.
I have and use the Clear Day, but much prefer Cerious GE ...
Have double shotgun’s and agree a great cable along with Paul’s IC’s both single and balanced. I’m not using my Clear Days currently, but will keep them as maybe I’ll build a second system or something. At the moment I am using Wywires Silvers throughout including PC’s. In comparison on my system I feel the Wywires just get out of the way better with a wider stage. For the money I’ve not heard anything that embarrasses Clear Days so expect to spend a lot to hear small improvements. As always cables are system dependent and are tone controls to some extent so everyone’s going to have their opinion on what the prefer.

Thank you for your experience sharing. The reason I ask the question is not that I want to replace it but I was absolutely amazed by it. It works so well on my system and I tried put it to my father’s system. He loves it so much and I couldn’t take it back. It is hard to find a used clear day and I just want to get one in similar level as quick as possible and I can get rid of my old cable. I guess every audiophiles know that feeling.
Double shot ClearDays work in my system as well.   ..just a cautionary note....all can cables sound different on different systems. 

Pauls jumpers are great too. If your speakers are bi-wire and only using the straps that came with the speakers, you really need to get your hands on Paul’s jumpers. Clear Day IC’s are worth finding too.

Haven’t heard anything on Paul lately but praying he’s doing well. If anyone has an update please post. Thanks


Your advice is again appreciated! My 1.3 se has no bi-wire available and I am definitely looking for clear day’s IC.

I have reached to Paul a month ago. He is a great gentleman and gave me advices even though he is no longer in business.

indeed cables are system dependent. Since I have limited budget, I believe some advices  from audiophiles may lower the risk. Thank you!
Twinterfinder, I bought the blue jeans ten speaker cables, they are as good as clear day shotgun, remember I own the single and shotgun, the blue jeans are well made.I still have clear day Cables they are keeper...
I spoke with Paul also and he confirmed that he's not in business anymore.

I have a pair of 8 strand solid core solid silver cables on order from this seller:

He's making me three speaker cables with integrated jumpers and silver spades, cryod, and five silver XLRs. He's also covering them in nylon braid for me. I can report on them when I get them if there's interest. 

Price was £540 for all 8 cables. 


That sounds very interesting! For one with limited buget like me, your reply is very much appreciated.

Please share your audition result on the forum. That would be very helpful to the audiophiles. Did you see any discussion about John's cable on internet?

Silver alternative to Clear Day.

They have a 40 day satisfaction guaranty so worth a try.  I've been really impressed with the pair I bought.

Cabledyne is also one that is usually referred to on the forum and very attractive at its price range(Synergy). Thanks a lot!
I received my silver cables and interconnects from John yesterday and today I hooked them up. They look well made and well finished. Usually he just covers them with heatshrink, but I asked for additional nylon braid. I think it improves the look and feel.

They sound great. A little more transparent, slightly deeper soundstage. I’m getting closer to that holographic image people refer to. I think I’m limited by my room and speaker placement rather than cables though.

All in all I’m very happy and will order more cables from John.

As a comparison I’m thinking of getting some cabledyne cables for the living room and I’m contemplating some Gothic Audio cables for my second system:


  Glad to hear your feedback and thanks to the discovery. Looks like silver cable makers in UK are quite active. Unfortunately I didn't find any review about the Gothic Audio. Please let me know if you find any.

Do you also have clear day cable in hand? Can you share the comparison result?

Cabledyne is one of the recommendation in Audiogon. It can be a very good a/b test standard.

Zenwave speaker cables 
I don't have any clearday cables. I tried to buy some but he's not making them anymore.

I'm trying to buy some Cabledyne as well. I'm in the US in a few weeks and I was trying to coordinate my order with my trip, but the supplier is away for Chinese New Year with no ETA on when they'll be able to provide the silver again. I might just have to order those to the UK.

Gothic also goes under the name of Achtung. They have good eBay reviews but that doesn't really mean anything. They also have a 30 day trial so I could buy and return if I'm unimpressed. John Miller had the same, but I'm keeping his.
I am also interested in your audition result on the Gothic audio if you do buy them.

Thanks for sharing!
I had Clearday; compared with Black Cat, Goertz MI2, Kimber 8TC, Zu Satori, Audience AU24. Kept the Audience. Clearday had nice tone and fair details. Audience more natural, more defined, more presence, more extended bass. YMMV

Wow! You have experienced really wide range of speaker cable. I know only 2 of them. Your sharing is very much appreciated!

How do they rank in your system btw?
Yeah I’m OCD so I took out a big cable loan from cableco. I mean, a lot of cable stuff is very system dependent. For me it went:
1. Audience AU24
2. Black Cat Morpheus (discontinued, sounded very nice and much cheaper than Audience, but picked up RF from radio towers! And was the only one to do so; weird. I think they were just silver conductors in cotton with no shielding)
3. Clear Day
4. Zu / Goertz / Kimber
5. Mogami / Bluejeans type stuff

Always curious to hear more and would have preferred to not spend as much, but Audience matches my tastes best of all, and I found a good price on a used pair from cable co I think, or here; can’t remember.


I have heard of cableco but did not look into it seriously. I too would like to hear as many as possible. Luck me reading your experience and definitely like to check it out. Very interesting about Black Cat.

Can’t wait to try some of them.
Audio Art’s slay them on Harmonics .Have top of both and listened to both for months.
On Omega , Gallo, Totem , Rega and Meadowlark .
The Omega Super Alnico Monitor aka SAM is a large single driver 2K$ wonder that has best harmonics I’ve heard , AA  REALLY shines on them .

Great! Another good sharing!
A “shotgun” configured speaker cable is one like the MIT product of yesteryear. It’s effectively twice the cabling per run from the amp to speaker lugs relative to a single run of speaker cables. 

With that reference in mind, what’s considered as a “double shotgun speaker cable?” Four cables per run from amp to speaker lugs?
Try Purist its much better.

Exactly, clear day double shutgun has 4 lines each cable.

Is your conclusion based on a audition of both Purist and Clear day?
Paul recommended the regular (single) cable for high sensitivity speakers, the Shotgun for medium, and the Double Shotgun for low.
John (my cable maker) recommended I double up as well, based on amplifier output and speaker impedance. I doubled from 4 strands to 8 on each cable (so sixteen in total to drive one speaker, 8 in the positive and 8 in the negative paths)

Did you try the 4?or both 4 and 8?
How are they doing on your gears?
I have tried CTGE and silver Litz braided one from Westbury Audio on eBay.

CTGE is quite warm with great details, especially quite a rich vocal body. Plus Bob is a great gentleman to communicate with.
Westbury Audio has all the characters of a silver cable, wide sound stage, much focused image and leaned toward listener. John is a very warm person who answered dozens of my questions nicely. The price to performance is definitely a bargain.

My conclusion is I would prefer a little bright but not too bright which means a middle one between these two.
I appreciate all your advices.
I have 2 Clear Day Double Shotguns, one new and the other with a little usage. 8’ long. I’m thinking of putting them for sale here. Posting on this forum as it looks like some may be interested in these
I just ordered my second pair from John as I'm so impressed with the first. The second pair will go in my living room TV system.

It looks like cabledyne might have closed? The synergy disappeared due to lack of available cable and now the website is down and has been for a few days.

Fritz, how much do you want for the clear day cables and would you ship to UK?
I would thoroughly recommend LessLoss cables (interconnects and power cables)

Their C-MARC range has some perfectly sensible science behind it (as per humbucker coils for the guitarists amongst you), explained in depth on the website and my experience has been that they made a spectacular difference, presumably by cancelling/rejecting RFI/EMI

I am slowly working my way to a full loom

For example I have an industrial balanced mains transformer that used to hum whenever the missus used her hair straighteners upstairs. Once I added a LessLoss mains cable, the hum totally vanished

They're not super cheap, but neither are they crazy expensive (give or take $800 for a pair of ICs)
Not sure everyone has heard the news but Paul, the owner of Clear Day Cables, recently passed away and at the far too young age of 60.  The absolutely nicest guy who has been suffering an illness for years.  The love & support for him on Audiogon is incredible.  His Facebook page admin posted the notice,

Following up on a previous posting:
I have 2 Clear Day Double Shotguns, 8' and 1 is Spade & 1 is Banana.  1 is new & still in Paul's traditional pink plastic bag and the other is very lightly used. A handful of people on this site have reached to ask if I will sell them. I'm not sure yet.  I've just started talking to House of Stereo in Jacksonville about replacing my Rotel gear (RAP AVR 1580 & RB1890 power amp) and with something they have had a great experience with the Kef Reference 1.  Depending on what I get, we may try the CDDS on the system and make a keep or sell decision.  Will get back to those that have reached out.
Purist is much better.Enjoy!!
Very sad news about Paul, thank you for sharing the information. 
I've been using those cables with my Vandersteen's for almost a decade.  They sound sublime and I have never had an interest in auditioning anything else.  
Quality aside, the significance of owning a cable made by one of the world's finest gentlemen cannot be overstated.   
Sad news, best wishes to his family. Thoroughly satisfied with his double shotguns in both of my 2 channel systems
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From what I have learned on the forum, I had a trial making Paul’s double shotgun construction speaker cable. Using 99.99% 24 AWG solid silver core insulated by teflon tube and covered by mesh nylon tube (or mesh P.E. tube, whatever you can find) as protection. Using heat shrink tube to fix silver wire and teflon at both ends in case the wire moving inside teflon. Now I have 16 lines. Use tapes to ID 4 lines as a group. I use 4 red tapes to ID 4 ends of 2 groups and 4 black tapes to ID another 2 groups. Each group will be for one end on a amp to another end on a speaker. Twist one red group with one black group as Paul did and add a section of heat shrink tube in the middle(of course I need to clamp each side before shrink tube). Split red and black at 200mm away from the end and heat shrink. This is to leave some straight lines for soldering work. Solder 4 ends with silver plated fork terminals. Again using heat shrink tube fixing mesh nylon with fork ends and cover my ugly soldering. This will finish one cable. Silver wire is pretty strong and I never break any of them during the trial. SQ is immediately changed on my system which had a copper cables before. The sound stage is wide opened with tighter bass. It was about 100 hours later the midrange getting much nicer. Silver cable I tried were in Liz structure and were with less tight bass and smaller sound stage and with harsh treble. I can’t say it 100% matches to Paul’s cable in SQ but I am quite satisfied with it. Double shotgun is a good structure. I used plain teflon tube and they are really cheap 1.7 USD a meter. I don’t think a Hifi grade one would change anything since they are for current insulation not noise isolation. Like many audiophiles said, speaker cables allow high current passing through and are not effected by home appliances unless there is a giant transformer outside of your house. My next trial is to see 6N or 7N silver or silver/gold alloy wire if they make any difference.