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DAC choices -- help me cross the line
^ it becomes more liquid / musical with a lower noise floor.  
Rogue Audio Sphinx V3
Mark has good ears and his amps sound musical. I don't think you can go wrong w the Sphinx! 
Omega 8xrs or spatial m5 need thoughts on integrated amps
^ nice. I enjoy alan’s amp - very musical with great drive. as my buddy says, "damn it's punchy." 
Omega 8xrs or spatial m5 need thoughts on integrated amps
i use an alan eaton 45 set. certainly great synergy with Omega's http://www.glowinthedarkaudio.com/alan-eaton-se45.html 
Omega 8xrs or spatial m5 need thoughts on integrated amps
the omega low end blossoms w tube amplification and very little dampening. with the ss amps i've heard them with, they sounded lean. both aforementioned speakers should provide tuneful bass but not chest thumping. the spatial will require more wat... 
DAC choices -- help me cross the line
I had my AM Tubadour upgraded to the SE, be ready for a painful break-in with those big caps. It’s certainly worth it. the dac retains its sonic signature,  just a better version. I lost my left channel 5977 minis after about a year and a half. I ... 
V-Cap ODAM: What the Future Sounds Like
update at 150 hours the v-cap odams are liquid. just wonderful and smooth as silk. the bass energy is tremendous! very pleased with the coupling cap change (: 
V-Cap ODAM: What the Future Sounds Like
I have around 70 hours in and the soundstage has certainly blossomed. I did have a bad tube in my AM Tubadour dac which was the cause of my "grain." I am resisting rolling tubes until i have 150+ hours on the caps. The ODAMs offer a much higher le... 
V-Cap ODAM: What the Future Sounds Like
I swapped the Odams in my 45 SET Wednesday (Thanks for the help Ciro). I knew I'd be in for a long break-in... Went through some pain with the Duelunds in my DAC. I wanted my "old" DAC back. Odams sounded pretty pretty good out the gate, with a wo... 
Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp owner's advice.
I loaned my buddy my VTPH-2A and my 45 SET. He's totally smitten and I am totally jonesing... Wednesday can't come soon enough 😩 
Need help finding a phono/preamp
Lounge audio. My buddy has this and it just sounds good!https://www.loungeaudio.com/lcr-mr-iii 
Need preamp recommendation
^ LTA MZ3 would be excellent. and I'll add the Don Sachs Linestage for a little more tube bloom 
Single driver vs traditional 3 way loudspeakers
i certainly second omegas with tube amplification. My 3xrs are very musical, have tuneful bass, and are lighting fast. Very dynamic at low listening levels. If your jam is LOUD! that’s not what they are about. After listening sessions w multi-driv... 
SET 45 and their (real) required speaker efficiency
I really like my 45 SET and Omega Super 3 High Output XRS. Very musical combo.  
SET the best?
I love the low watt class A and the low watt set amps! A 45 set is so bloody musical - everything just flows so beautifully.