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Efficient bookshelf speakers for my new (and amazing!) Still Audio EL84 integrated
I am so jealous of your amp. I highly recommend Omega Speakers with an el84 Set amp, magical. And I think Mark may recommend them. Very happy with my Decware but if I ever switch, that’s the amp. 
Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat
^^^ it sounded so freaking good! I spun Van Morrisson "The Prophet Speaks." I am really digging this album. And the Analogue Productions  "Tea for the Tillerman." Originally when I TC'd the interconnects, power outlet, and speaker cables, installe... 
Perfect Path Technologies: Omega E mat
I went to work like Picasso today and TC’d all my tubes: preamp, phono pre, and amplifier, (13 total). Went a little thick on the 6sn7 pins cause I could smell TC cooking in the pre, no harm done👍Popped off the cover to the fuse panel, multimeter ... 
Higher Efficiency Speakers
^ makes sense it would be in the design of the cabinet 
Dust cap pushed in by kiddos... best home remedy?
Tape worked well for mine.  
Higher Efficiency Speakers
@rodge827 - Those speakers look great! I use Omega HO with a SET amp and it's magical. How does the sensitivity increase w the Charney utilizing the Omegas RS7 driver vs an Omega with the RS7 driver? I am genuinely curious.  
Which Class D Amplifier? PS Audio, Ghent, Nord, Merrill or other???
I listened extensively to the LKV Research Verito-1 and it is an excellent integrated amp based on the Hypex NCore. LKV also offers a stand alone power amp. Check them out!https://www.facebook.com/LkvResearch/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARCfxvDUlp14H2bLZ... 
Rogue audio amp thoughts
Sphinx is a great sounding integrated all around. Get yourself a nice turntable too!  
Tube info
NOS RADIOTECHNIQUE 12AU7, very dynamic tube. I am liking what I am hearing with new production tubes at a fraction of the cost.  
Pro-ject Carbon DC Esprit / upgrade to Ortofon 2M Bluehttps://www.needledoctor.com/Pro-Ject-Debut-Carbon-Esprit-DC-BlackLounge Audio Phono Prehttps://www.loungeaudio.com/lcr-mr-iiiMy good friend has this setup, and for 1K all-in, this thing plays ... 
Herron VTPH-2A / Origin Live Conqueror / Koetsu Black Goldline
I had to do a little trouble shooting with mine, cover off, and mentioned to KeithI was taking the opportunity to roll some tubes. To make a long story short, no, NOS tubes could compete with his stock tubes 😊 
Herron VTPH-2A / Origin Live Conqueror / Koetsu Black Goldline
my herron vtph-2a had the same effect on my better half! 
Dynavector 20x2L pretty dog gone good
I think it’s a dog gone good cartridge too. On a VPI traveler, no mat, and mostly no record weight either. happy listening! 
Break in blues
jtfc - I use these Mullards, cheap enough. https://www.upscaleaudio.com/collections/preamp-tubes/products/mullard-6201-vintage-british-new-old-...The 12sn7 it ships with are really good! I always keep the PS "on."  
Break in blues
That MZ2 takes a few weeks to really hit its stride. Hang in there, it is worth it. Linear Power Supply?