Did anyone see the Adele concert from N.Y.C tonight

And if you did what was you're opinion about it?
I do not like her style nor her music. But in an era of pitch correction and digitization of voices, she can sing. So give her that. 
  She has a great voice, like Lady Gaga, another one I care not for.  Did not watch.
I watched it with my wife - not a fan but she sure can sing and carry a tune, and is wonderful at occupella.
Why would you/it need to be force fed, infection?  And why not refrain from replying to an honest question with something so ugly?  Reminds me of those who have not heard a particular piece of equipment (seems to happen often here with AR gear) yet feel free to comment on what it must sound like.  
yeah rpeluso its not like your being force fed ear wax on broken blah blah blah....lighten up man! 
No, but I saw the mad rush for tickets by the mad for her upcoming St Paul show on TV  news yesterday.
The price in the area where I usually sit for concerts by the magnificent 
St Paul Chamber Orch, was 5 x as much !
Those who say she can't sing are either deaf or have a awful Low End System.
i think, both.
Her 56 US Concerts were sold out in a few minutes.... 

She is the best female Singer today.
Please, let us not be so uptight.  How about she's the best female pop singer today?  Or the best female singer of her own songs, vs those that are decades, centuries old?  Also, if you don't like it, ignore it.  
My wife told me someone she works with was trying to get tickets for one of her upcoming shows. She said the tickets start at 200.00 a piece and go up from there. I guess she is only interested in her wealthy fans seeing her. It sounds to me she is being extremely greedy. I know when U-2 or Springsteen tour they always have some affordable seats for their fans. My wife said it makes more sense just to buy the record. This is one of the few times I actually agree with her.

rpeluso, I have nothing against Adele, I even bought one of her CD's.
If you get into a hissy fit over someone correcting a silly comment, don't make them .

Merry Christmas to you and yours !
Well friends, I finally found the time to take a look and listen last evening (off for the rest of the year now, the company shuts down).  I am nearly speechless, she is astoundingly great, real, moving, talented, and many more adjectives.  I am overwhelmed by the woman.  I am envious of those who managed to obtain a ticket to one of her live concerts this coming year.  
Had never heard her until the show last night. I watched/listened to two songs. I don't get it.......
I like her voice on the radio, but from the songs I heard on the concert, she sounded screechy and bad IMHO .
She is a terrible singer. Some of the worst technically speaking and she misses most notes then hits them. When she goes out of her limited range she has to force it. Listen to Ella or Billie for a few days and you see what I mean. Creek/Epos/Schiit/Pro-Ject system by the way.
I think you misread what I was saying. Adele in a million years will never be in the same league as Ella or Billie. In fact Adele's name should not even be mentioned in the same sentence.

Still havn't seen this concert, but other. I believe Adele invented this voice to break through. Today you need something special and very personal.
Singing like Ella or Billie isn't enough to be a female star for the mass public. Blame the music industry.
For one of the worst singers ever recorded she has been amazingly successful.

An aural masochists dream. I'm with billybob7088 and rpeluso on this.

Listen to Adele 19 and talk later. Ella got nothing to do with this. You can´t compare singers in different styles.