Can You Fell the Love Tonight?

It is Where We Are........
@slaw - Can you fell it?
Pretty sure Reubent meant "feel the love" and not fell the love Slaw.

But still I might have to echo your sentiment.

Care to expound Reubent?
Or maybe not......

Crap. I did mean "feel". And now I'm not feeling it anymore. But for a couple of minutes......
Time for another line I guess...
ha ha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I fell it, thanks for asking.
I'm more than willing to (fell) the love today?
Guess that's why I am divorced.
My love fell.

Can you feel the love tonight
The peace the evening brings
The world for once in perfect harmony
With all its living things
Love fell tonight for sure!
My love fell down and can't get up.
Use an axe. If that doesn't work, try a chain saw.
fasteddie...there's chemical assistance for that now. ;)  All you have to do is to adjust the dosage to get the desired....*ah* 'response'.... ;)

Personally, I prefer 'input' from the spouse.  But, since you've not that 'option' at this time you'll have to take matters into your own hand(s)....

(Sorry....I wandered into this, and couldn't resist being a az....I'll go away now....*poof*)
And this made one of today's "Top New Discussions"?

Of course!

Can you not fell it??
Good call MoFi, I FEEL what Ruebent meant to convey. Thanks Ruebent, your thoughtfulness in this growing cynical world we live in is a refreshing reminder of the higher goal, what the majority of the world needs and wants  desperately, LOVE and compassion.
I felled it a while back. Now that I am 49, I only feel it. Peace and love!
Thanks Everyone! I enjoyed the replies from everyone, including those who understood my original intent, and those who jumped on my spelling mistake. It's all good.

Can you Feel it?...........
Put yer hands where I can see 'em and back away from me. Thanks.
Well now...  living in "The Pine Tree State" of Maine, the love of fell supports our economy.  As a wee lad, 3 of my uncles had their own barber-shops up in Caribou, extreme northern Maine.  Mom would always give me money for my haircuts, and, of course, mom's brothers would never take any, and I'd have to return it. 

Uncle Eddie had really cool WWII memorabilia, mortars, German and US hand-grenades, etc.  He would take me fishing and spin yarns about the Frenchmen and Swedes (a nearby community) who had spent the winter in rough logging camps and the challenge of dealing with the "living critters" such a lifestyle engenders when it came time to clean-up in the spring...head lice, et al.  

To somehow tie this in with audio, my brothers and cousins on both sides were singers and musicians, 2 going on to make their living that way...Cousin Ron drummed with Little Feat in California and Delcia led a woman's band.  Me, always the designated listener.  Saturday nights at their potato farmhouse, live music was the order of the day... a sound I'm still chasing!   More Peace!  Pin
I fell off a ladder last summer, and I felt it!
is a Polish woman in my living room i don't know about