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Considering Harbeth C 7ES-3
I would suggest speakers that are built to represent the recorded material truthfully before you enter into the more coloured world. ATC 11, 19, 20, PMC Result 6 (active) and Quested H108 are fine and affordable examples (all english). Also easy t... 
Considering Harbeth C 7ES-3
My experience of smaller Harbeths is that they lack treble. A lot. If you mostly listen to voices and acoustic wood instruments they might be fine for you. They will not give you any listening fatigue. 
KEF-LS50 with REL T-Zero? Anyone?
T-Zero are nice and capable desk top subs down to 35 Hz. I run them with a PW AMP that uses the ARC room eq system. Removes the lowest bass from the monitors and as you say cleans up mid-bass. Indeed very good results. LS50/50W has in my opinion l... 
Why does my old CD player sound so much better than my new streamer?
Why would you want to pay a lot of money to tweek the sound to be warm and easy-listening and boring? Yes, if you like to listen to bad recordings but otherwise? 
Whats playing on your system today?
Eilen Jewel / GypsyTidal HiFi on Beyer TP51p 
Speakers for super sensitive ears?
I believe the problem is the musicians not playing well enough. Anyone heard live music? Sounds terrible. 
List your state of art headphones for smart phone use!
Some other fine professional headphones.For critical listening. Value for money.Sennheiser HD25Shure SRH840Beyerdynamic T51P 
Speaker Break In...? Or listener “Break In”?
Break-in? The more I listen to a speaker the worse it sounds.  
What are you streaming tonight?
I am the Cosmos.......Chris Bell (Big Star)Tidal 
Top five live Rock And Roll Albums
Elliott Murphy - Last of the Rock StarsUnfortunately not that appreciated in the US (but everywhere else). 
A moderate priced dac
Add a simple Schiit Loki to your non-expensive dac. Very useable. 
Do you guys like Adele's music?
A re-make of Chrissie Hynde? 
Speaker Volume
sttt, would be interesting to know what recordings you can play at those levels. I'm not sure I can come up with more than a very few listenable at105 db.  
Schitt Yggdrasil Vs. Bluenode 2i (Shock!)
Not surprised at all. If you’d like to change the sound hearable in a simple way - buy a Schiit Loki. Very useable to tame "too hot" recordings. And there's a lot of them... 
So disappointed in today's Americana
Any Steve Forbert. From the beginning and on.