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Primaluna or not Primaluna
Tannoys are unique speakers. Not a lot of tannoy fans here. My guess is your speakers need some power to sound their best and you might get some ideas at a dedicated tannoy forum. I would generally agree that PL would work but won’t give you the w... 
50 vintage speakers that give odds to modern acoustic systems
That’s a really good list. I can still recall the sound of a lot of these in my friends dads systems…   
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
I’m not an expert but if I were to go down this particular rabbit hole, I would look into battery powered options - potentially using whole house battery power backups from Tesla and others. Just seems a more promising route.   
klipshorn speakers
I’d personally not want to hear those very loud unless the source room and equipment were all totally dialed in. Horns can get ear piercing fast. More wiggle room to go loud and enjoy the sound with mellower speakers. Just my opinion. Keep us post... 
Great Recordings, Sonically Speaking - and Why.
Two things for me: - can hear the tamber of the instruments- can hear the room or hall in the recording. So you get the ambience of where it was played. There are scratchy and imperfect recordings that I turn to time and time again bc they have th... 
Lack of popularity of Chord???
They are strange looking products  
Rega DAC ?
It’s pretty average. Mines in the closet bc it’s not better than the cheap blue sound node internal dac. Wasn’t better than the audio engine d1 either. Pretty disappointing. Ran it with a red wine amp then a Hegel h200. Tekton speakers then tannoy... 
British Integrated Amps
Depending on your power needs I find Croft very hard to beat anywhere near the price. Supposed to be a good phono stage too but I don’t play records. Listened to it many times but never owned one. Small form factor.  
Are there any speakers for nearfield listening that sound GREAT at low volumes?
Help with Classical Music Record Labels.
Naxos is v good and often overlooked. I’ll buy almost anything on the label and haven’t been disappointed. Fwiw I think DG is overrated. Great musicians but sound to me is disappointing.  
Hegel h590 or Accuphase e460 with Harbeth 40.3
I’d probably go for accuphase between the two. The best match Ive heard with harbeth is Vinnie Rossi.  
BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?
My experience is that bluesound only works reliably if you have very good wifi or if it’s hardwired to the internet. The wifi reception is terrible. I would try that just to see if that fixes it. Of course many of us don’t have the option of using... 
looking for ideas on must have classical music
Another approach is by label. Almost anything on Naxos is excellent.  
Speaker advice for listening to Blues music
zu or tektons will sound a lot like hearing it direct from amps and pa speakers like when you play. Jbls too. It will have a very forward, raw sound with blues. I like a bit of honey and would vote for the Harbeth or Tannoys. Btw if you are a guit... 
Any experience with Tannoy loudspeakers?
Tannoy has a loyal following and I consider myself a big fan. Like Dan I have vintage hpd drivers but mine are in a newly made cheviot cabinet made of birch. The sound is fantastic in several different large rooms I have had them in. They sound re...