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Why price of Tannoy speakers from online retailers in UK is cheaper than in US
Sea freight isn’t actually that expensive. I shipped an suv between the USA and the Mediterranean for $1100. Import tax for goods entering the USA from the UK I am unsure about. But a 6k difference between the UK price and the USA price is a lot.  
Harbeth with Croft phono integrated vs Yamaha AS1100/AS2100
Hard to beat the Harbeth-Croft combo. But the Yamaha has those meters which are hard to resist...  joking aside as much as I love the Yamaha sound (and the casework and meters) I dont think it’s an upgrade over the Croft for those speakers. I woul... 
Question About DACs
++freedivers point. The difference an expensive dac makes is a bit overhyped for many people’s systems. I would review your overall system and be sure this is where you want to put your money. A lot of people would benefit more from investing the ... 
Digital Radio Stations (recommendations)
Kcsm for jazz  
Problems with Bluesound Vault and PC app finding Node2 that are wireless
I have the node and feel the key issue is that it has a very weak WiFi reception. My Apple TV and MacBook can pick up a signal and stream video when the node often can’t find the signal or it is very weak with drop outs. Once I moved to an Etherne... 
What is the best HEAVY METAL speaker?
Save money and get cerwin vega. Really good for this style of music imho.  
Need DAC/Streaming Advice
I have the node and the main problem I have had is that it has a very weak wifi receiver. It will miss or drop a signal that my Apple TV or MacBook pick up without a problem. I have tried elevating it on books, tables, etc but the problem persists... 
Tannoy owners
Great thread. I have vintage hpd 315 drivers put in newly made cheviot cabinets made of birch. Great sound. I have a red wine 15 watt tube hybrid as a backup amp and the Hegel h 200 as primary. I stream on a bluesound using Deezer hd. Love the sou... 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
My tannoy vintage hpds are keepers  
What area or country do you live in ?
Beirut Lebanon  
Power cord suggestions for Hegel integrated amp/dac?
I have the h200 with the shunyata viper zitron and it made no audible difference to me.  
Audiogon member suggestions for a speaker that sounds good at low volume!!!
I would recommend looking at Harberh and Tannoy speakers. On the recommendation for high efficiency speakers, in my experience with Tekton and some expensive horn models, they did not sound good at low volumes - it became all tinny treble. I under... 
Emotiva equipmet, how good is it?
Definitely consider used equipment. Your price range would have some very good options. I would recommend the Hegel h80 or h90. They would match well to your speakers and have a very nice natural sound. Bargain with sellers - it’s a buyers market.  
Recommendations for a few high SQ classical CDs
+1 lowrider. Deutche Grammophone  is one of the offenders I was referring to when advising to stay away from the fancy formats. Such great names and lots of techno involved but the result is totally flat. To bring together a few recommendations - ... 
Recommendations for a few high SQ classical CDs
Nice to have a post on music. For classical I would stay away from fancy formats and stick with great performances that are well recorded. For the 9th I really like Solti conducting the Chicago symphony. I grew up thinking Berlin and Bernstein wer...