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R.E.M. for sure. One of my favorite bands despite the sucky SQ. Most conspicuous offender—Fables of the Reconstruction”—such a great album of music but sounds like crap. I would put Springsteen on the list—“Born to Run” at the top in terms of gap ... 
The best looking speakers
Totally depends on your aesthetic and room furnishings. I'm on my third (and last) pair of Daedalus Audio speakers. Can't decide whether I love the look or the sound of them more. Heirloom pieces, crafted one at a time by a master craftsman who kn... 
Your Top Five Blues LPs, SQ-wise...
My two favorites already mentioned--"Folk Singer" on MFSL vinyl and "Goin Away" on Acoustic Sounds vinyl.  
Parasound JC-1 - How old is too old?
I feel that age is particularly important with Class A designs. All those components have been living in heat their whole lives..... 
What is your favorite High EFF speaker
You don’t mention price point, room size or what amp you intend to use but I would put Daedalus up there with the best dynamic driver, high efficiency designs. Bottom end impact and honesty very high with the Apollo series 10” woofer, very good re... 
Daedalus Audio Apollo Speakers
Thanks Scott! I hope one day to get down to your place to hear them myself. You are always welcome here if you are ever in the area. Hope to see you again soon. 
Esoteric K-03Xs Player
Just received my K-03xs the other day. Unboxed and put on the rack over the weekend. What a fine looking piece of gear. I'll get it connected up and start breaking it in soon. Once I get a sense of what it can do I'll post some comments.  
SET amplifier recommendation
Agreed, wrong speakers for an SET amp. If you are wedded to the B&Ws and want something that sounds like a very good SET but with balls then take a look at the Linear Tube Audio ZOTL 40. Should be enough power and also give you that special ma... 
Hana SL vs AT Art 9
I haven’t but owned an ART 9 for a while—outstanding cartridge. I understand from very reliable sources that the new AT OC9 series, particularly the top line model are extremely good for the money. Maybe have a look? 
Looking for a good full range floor stander
Take a look at a pair of Daedalus Apollo 11’s and add a pair of BOW’s later if you feel they need to move more air in your room. 
Tone, Tone, Tone !
Same as yours--tone first, everything else second.  
I bought two of the One-Step pressings--The Nightfly and Bill Evans "Portraits". I have only listened to "The Nightfly". I have two other pressings of that recording. The One-Step is AMAZING. Expensive, yes. But the sound quality is off the charts.  
Small Floorstander?
A pair of Daedalus Athena V2's just came on--grab them. They even come with wheeled platforms so you can move them around. Sound is exactly what you are looking for and they are in your price range. 
Herron VTPH-2A final thoughts.
That would be a question for Keith. Give him a call and he will set you straight. 
Herron VTPH-2A final thoughts.
I wish I could comment on the VTSP-360--maybe someday. That said, I am running a VTSP-3A (R03) with my VTPH-2A. All I can say is I went through 3 ARC linestages and 2 Modwright linestages before I decided to bite the bullet and try Keith's. Glad I...