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Michael Fremer leaves Analog Planet
I had an email exchange with him years ago in which he told me of his dislike of VPI tonearms (they were all aluminum tube unipivots at the time). He mentioned that he had shared his feelings with Harry Weisfeld. I replied by asking why he didn’t ... 
A preamp recommendation
You’re described preferences align with my experience using the Herron Reference linestage. Best I’ve had in my system. I’ve heard the LTA in other systems that made good sound so is likely also a good choice. Hope this helps.  
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Spinning Bill Cherlap’s latest “Street of Dreams” on Blue Note records great end of day vibe and surprisingly well recorded. Played Ray Brown’s “Soular Energy” afterwards (Acoustic Sounds QRP) to keep the jazz trio going and the Cherlap stands up ... 
Most Realistic Recordings
Lots of great suggestions here—thanks everyone for keeping the positive vibe. I’ll just add one solid piano recording I use to demo gear. In 1992 Phillips released a recording of Mitsuku Uchida playing Mozart live in Tokyo. It isn’t the BEST audio... 
Feickert Blackbird vs Clearaudio Ovation vs Origin Live Sovreign
You can see my system photos posted to this site  
Bascom H. King Passed
Very sad indeed. Have been thinking about the BHK 300s ever since a friend got a pair last year. Anyone running these or a BHK 250 with Sound Lab or other stats?  
Speaker Stand Height And Recommendations For Spendor SP100 Speakers
Owned SP-100s years ago and ran them with Sound Anchor stands—do not remember the height but did not try to elevate the tweeter to ear height (too high) but rather if I recall correctly my ears were roughly between the mid and tweet. Great speaker... 
Feickert Blackbird vs Clearaudio Ovation vs Origin Live Sovreign
Consider adding the Pure Fidelity Harmony or Horizon to your list. Running mine with an OL Conqueror MK 4 but the PF won’t blink at the next level up arm. Really excellent build quality and finish options and super sound.  
New arm for TW Acustic Raven one
Ran a 12” Raven arm for a while—nice arm, simple, great bearings, traditional look and feel. Not a fan of the anti-skate—positioned too close to the arm lift. Minor quibble. You may be able to find a 10.5” in your budget try Jeff at High Water Sou... 
Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP)
@skucie Give it a try and see what you think!  
Mini Review: Herron VTSP 360 (ESP)
@skucie The benefit of the switch will depend on how your outlets are wired. It may have not effect at all, as in my own situation. However, it is nice to have the option to align polarity if necessary.  
Thoughts on My Dedicated Listening Room
Thanks for the responses so far. @erik_squires can you explain how to interpret the graphs associated with the room simulator software? @dweller thank you, I had read through that thread--very helpful. I am hoping that some members whose room is a... 
Art Pepper fans out there?
Absolutely love Art Pepper. Another great recent release on the same label:    
most beautiful (looking) speakers
Daedalus Audio. Pick your wood and inlay design and let Lou craft you a pair of speakers that exude craftsmanship and pride of ownership. If you have a modern aesthetic look elsewhere but if you want something that blends into a room with fine fur... 
Building a house
Lots of helpful advice. I’m in a similar position so appreciate the expertise. My dedicated room will be a bonus room above the garage so little worry about soundproofing other than a sturdy door. My main concern is trying to find the right mix of...