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High Pass (Brick Wall/Rumble) Filter Suggestions
OK, ordered the FMOD from Harrison and will give it a try. If it works I can see whether the KAB offers better performance for a bit more scratch. Thanks as always everyone! 
Sarah Vaughan....Best Performances and Recordings
Hey thanks guys for the nice comments about my system. I've been very fortunate to have the support of some great friends in audio and feel I am getting closer to where I want to be. The forums here have been a great support! 
Sarah Vaughan....Best Performances and Recordings
Hey great this place! Tablejockey--not sure what "gizmo" you are referring to but my table is a "one off" collaboration with Mat and Harry that has some unique features. The 3D-10 gimbaled arm is just coming online--mine is from... 
VPI 2nd Pivot for 3D
For those seeking a more "stable" platform for their cartridge that combines all the virtues of 3D construction (non-resonant, tonal purity) and unipivot design (extended treble, lots of inner detail) you may be interested in the new VPI 10" gimba... 
DIY Pass Labs First Watt F5 amp impressions
kdude66 would love to hear the details of your time with the LTA equipment in comparison with the First Watt stuff. I'm interested in the LTA stuff as well. 
DIY Pass Labs First Watt F5 amp impressions
Anyone know if there is a version of the SIT-1 monoblocks available that will put out more watts than the production version? I'd be interested in these if there were a pair that put out 40 wpc or thereabouts.... 
Lesser known 2 way bookshelf Speakers from the 80's
Maybe straying into the next decade a little but the Epos ES-14 was a great two way design. 
What are the more subtle sounding tube preamps?
Agree on the Herron VTSP-3a. I've owned two Modwright pres--the LS36.5 is much more neutral sounding than the LS100 which has more tube bloom and warmth. I had several ARC pres as well, of those the LS26 was the least tubey of the bunch. All said ... 
Any love for the Belles Aria or other recent Belles amplifier?
I heard the Aria Monoblocks at Johnny R's a few weeks ago and they sounded great. If you are looking for nice sounding monos and don't want to break the bank these might be the ticket. Pass Labs for everyman without the heat! 
Best full range loudspeaker for the used price of 10 to 13,000 dollars
A used pair of Daedalus Ulysses just came on the Audiocircle for $8k. Grab them! 
Best Tubed Preamp For A Warm, Rich Sound, Yet Still Detailed and Agile
Not a ton of experience with preamps in your price range (which would be in the $10-15K) retail range, I agree with Al on the Herron. A fantastic linestage and the best I've had in my system by far. Super quiet, very organic and musical. To my ear... 
Pani ... New ART-9 up and running ...
On the issue of turntable matching with the ART 9...just saw a $25K Artisan Fidelity Garrard 301 come on this site with an ART 9 mounted to a Schroeder arm. 
Please Critique my Setup and Recommend Upgrade(s)
"As a lifelong musician and former recording / pro audio engineer...." In my experience musicians are very happy with poor or mediocre sound systems since they are able to produce the real thing on a regular basis. It's the recording/pro audio eng... 
The Band on MFSL
Did some calling around and found both S/T and Rock of Ages on MFSL at Music Direct. They were running a 10% discount and I threw in MoFi Dylan "Desire" to push me above $100 to get the free shipping. That was easy! 
Pass xa30.5 vs First Watt F6
I would also be interested in a general comparison of these amps--same designer, very different approach (less is more vs. more is more). I'd love to see Nelson offer more First Watt monoblocks based on slightly higher powered designs like the F6 ...