Best Small Speaker System You've ever Heard

I'm learning so much from the "best speaker thread". I'd like to understand what the best small speaker system is that you've ever heard is.

I'll start:

JMlabs Micro Utopia BE driven by Manley 300B push pull mono-blocs; cabled with Nordost Valhalla

source was a TNT HRX with the heavy platter option and w/dynavector cart (not sure which one but around $4K)
through a Herron phono and pre amp

The 'little' system with the little speakers has a sweet treble that goes on for ever, flat frequency response, can be real punchy when they need to be, tonally very good (not Quad ESL 57 but very good), reproduces all genre except large orchestra

What makes it work in my opinion is the amps, cable, speaker synergy in this case.

Anyways wuod love the read about some best small speakers you have all heard.

ProAc 1sc, nothing matches it if properly amp'd with solid state.
Spendor S3/5 with tube or ss
Alon Adriana
I love my current system, Tube Technology CD player> Deja Vu Audio Preamp/Amp> JMlabs Original Micro-Utopias. It's organic and warm while still presenting plenty of detail. The Micro-Utopias are great sounding monitors, especially in my small room. They're easy to drive, love tubes, and have just enough bass.
Celestion SL700 or, better yet, SL700se.
ATC SCM10 with tube amp. After trying with over 1 dozen bookselves, this is still the best small speakers I have ever heard.
Active speakers (great with MP3 and computer):

Audioengine 5 $400
Blue Sky Audio EXO and Pro Media $300 to 500
ATC SMC 16A $3,600

Passive speakers (hi-fi):

Paradigm Atoms $300
PSB Alphas $350
Era Design 4 and 5s $500 to 600
ATC SCM 11s $2,000

I second what S23change says. Hard to beat ATC--very neutral with excellent soundstage. They run circles around most speakers but require a powerful amp. They just came out with the 16A model with integrated amps. Very nice and precise--play all genres well.
small cizeks driven by a tandberg receiver
The best small speakers I have heard are the Artemis EOS Signatures being driven by Gryphon electronics. Fantastic soundstaging, great tonality, and even reasonable bass from a small cabinet. They later also came with the bass modules, which reinforced the bottom end. I haven't seen too many of these used on Audiogon.
chario academy 1 and aurum cantos volla
I still have a pair of the original Red Rose ribbon monitors that -while not perfectly neutral - are amazing little transducers.

Totem Mani2s driven by CJ 2500A amp.
Check out Tonian Acoustics
Their TL NFSM monitor does a lot of things right
A musical transducer for sure be sure to add some heavy duty stands and listen in awe....
My favorite compact system is as follows:
Dynaudio Special 25 Speakers on Dynaudio stands filled with shot.

Ayre AX-7 integrated amplifier.

Ayre CX-7 CD player.

All wired with Nordost Heimdall speaker and interconnects.

Incredible sound quality, and can easily hold it's own against much larger and more expensive systems.
The LSA1s ($2500), the new version. I heard them improve each day at the RMAF and bought a pair on Sunday. At this moment I have no place for a second system, but they were so good!
Mark-Daniel Maximus Monitor blows away anything I have ever heard in the way of small monitors in terms of approximating reality, soundstaging, depth, imaging and pure palpable vibrancy. Unfortunately, they gobble power to do this - I drive them with horizontally bi-amped Moscode 401HRs. And I have either owned or heard many of the speakers alluded to above - daylight separates M-D from the others...........
So Jaybo, were do you find the cizeks?
has anyone heard of piega ?

i just remembered that the piega monitors, with ribbon tweeter and ribbon midrange, is quite special.
The Magico Mini needs to be mentioned here as does the Dynaudio Confidence C1.
If you think the Merlin VSMs are small, than I vote for it. If you mean stand mounted, I would say the Harbeth HL5.
No mention of the Green Mountain Audio Callisto or Europa? That's blasphemy!

a friend in minnesota had cizek and tandberg stuff, and though he could have had anything in his home(he was a hi end dealer and had an ear to boot) he prefered listening to that combo. i don't remember the models, but he had several sets and receivers. they're pretty scarce
ATC 11 with a Roksan Kandy int. amp. Paradigm Studio 20 with NAD 372 int. amp. B & W 685 with a Fatman iTube amp.
The Ridge Street Sason's would get my vote. I haven't heard a lot of small speakers, but a friend has the Magico Mini's and I prefer the Sason's if that helps with a point of reference.
Darn, the search continues.
... nothing more to say
The SF Guarneri Memento is not a contender at all ?
I have heard a goodly amount of the small speakers out there,all in good set-ups.The one consistent thing,is how really good SO many are!
When I got into this hobby(in the Jurassic period),small speakers sounded "small".We all lusted for the BIG designs,which sounded BIG!I had three different BIG Infinity designs,two of them having four box(towers,actually)configurations.Loved that "era"!
YET,now the tables seem to be reversing,as technology has given us some REAL, KILLER, small speakers which sound,not big,but HUGE!
My friend has gotten the Magico Minis,which I helped him set up,and voice.THEY ARE ASTONISHING!!Everything previously stated about them is DEAD correct!They are THAT good.
To me,there is NO competition in the smaller class of designs.The Magicos truly reign supreme!Sorry,but it's how I hear it,at my friend's home.
BTW,due to the typical audio mentality of criticizing something new,many friends purchase,which is out of the norm for many hobbyists,some from my little audio club simply will NOT credit these speakers for the accomplishment that they are...Jealous?..I think so!!
Best to all.
My own system is the best i have heard. Merlin tsm-mme`s. Have a look at my system... It`s truly high end!
Delta Summits by Intuitive Design
IMHO, my SF Guarneri Hommage's are the best small speaker I have ever heard. Most of my 'phile' friends have agreed that in my system, the speakers dissapear and the musician's are basically in the room. I have not heard the Sason's, but they appear to be a contender as well
Harbeth HLP3es2 driven with all accuphase solid state integrated amp and CD plaYer
I would love to hear the Sasons,until I hear them im gonna have stick with the Dynaudio C1's,and then closely followed by the Green Mountain Callisto's they bring a Piano in the room nearly like Maggies do,now thats a acheivement.The Epos M12.2's are great for their impeccable timing,Pro Ac Tablellites throw a amazing soundstage and disapear to a invisable degree,a little known speaker the Dana 930's are excellent all arounders for $1595 with great dynamics as is the Selah Audio SSR's and the ACI Sapphire XL's.
Oh yeah i forgot to add the Gamut L3 in a dead heat with the C1's
My Tonian Speakers have an uncanny ability of bringing the performers into the room

When I think of upgrading these and the thought comes up alot I sit down and listen to these and the urge becomes an after thought
Psb's alpha minis were nice at their price point.
The $2500/pair LSA1 Statements. I bought a pair on the spot even though I have yet to install them.