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This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
The name says it all. 
This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
You were only supposed to respond if you disagree.  And I disagree - I'll take Realistic over his listed brands. 
Wilson Audio Specialties Chronosonic XVX loudspeaker!! only $300,000.oo
I will wait for the Mk II version. 
SF vs Raidho
Don’t agree... i believe every high-end brand has specific sound characteristics that make them different being all other peripherals constant..Well, I hate to give you the bad news, but there is no clear house sound for SF.  I tried a few models ... 
SF vs Raidho
@hakano - If you narrow down a model of each brand that you are considering, that would help.  Or specify a price range, bookshelf size vs. floor standing, etc.  Then people with such experience/trials within the context would provide value here. ... 
Truly Balanced Cheaper Preamplifiers?
Therefore, expensive cables aren’ts as important also. Oh how I wish this were true! 
AR LS17SE Volume Control
You need to do some research on the gain of the Edge amp.  The issue is not so much about line stage output impedance and amp's input impedance, but rather the voltage output of the line stage and gain / input-sensitivity of the amp.  What is the ... 
Sound quality impact - preamp vs power amp?
Thats why all my stuff is from the same manufacturer Yawn. Tubed or solid state.  A great tubed pre- is going to be expensive, but you can pair it with a relatively inexpensive ss power amp and get amazing results.   +10 Matching amps and spe... 
Wobbly XLR Connectors on Pass X250.8. What to do?
Pop the top off and tighten the screws on the connectors.  Maybe put a dab of loctite on there too.  This can't be that difficult and is surely a lot less painful than boxing it up to take back to the dealer for them to do. 
Who makes super quiet XLRs around $1k?
For under $1k, seriously consider the Silent Source Signature.  The top model, the SS Music Reference, brings on much more of the ambiance that you mentioned, but the Signature is a heck of a great start.  It will handily destroy the lower priced ... 
Best match for Gershman Black Swans
Changing from the Odyssey amps to something else is a sideways move! The Odyssey amps are the same circuit design as the expensive made-in-Germany Symphonic Line amps. A much different conclusion here. In the early 2000’s, I read hints/rumors of t... 
Sonus Faber Olympica 3 or Olympica Nova 2 ?
In your small room, the O 3's are almost certainly too much energy as there's just no way to get them out of the corner and side walls without them being in your lap.  I imagine the bass will be very boomy in your room.  An audio system design sta... 
Lamm pre amp
As a side note, I seem to always be drawn to the piece of gear with tube rectification. So so so so so so, TRUE. 
Transparent Balanced Interconnects and their generations
Stay away from these unless your system sounds terribly bright and you want to warm things up.My experience does not reflect this conclusion whatsoever.  And warmth and brightness are independent characteristics in the system.  Warmth typically id... 
Pass X150.5 or Odyssey Stratos monos?
I have been following this thread from the start.  As the OP stated, only two options were to be considered: Pass and Odyssey.  But there actually is a logical third option: Symphonic Line (SL).  Have a look at the link below and I will explain fu...