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Great Monitors – Joseph Audio Pulsar ?
You must be out of your mind if you think the Sierra's are anywhere near as good as the Pulsar's the drivers are top notch,and Jeff Josephs steep sloped crossover is the best untilazation I've heard out of the SEAS metal drivers.At last years RMAF... 
Good Sound under $500
If you were listening to the Usher Tiny Dancer and left the store,then you missed the best value under $500 the Usher S-520,its probably won more global awards than any other speaker and speaker history,its not hype either they really are that goo... 
Monitors for a small room - please help
i would 3rd 4th,and 5th the Totem Arro's,dont rule out a small flooorstander,my other choices are:monitors:Usher S-520Era D5Swan M1bHsu hb1MkIIGini Ls1/ls2Definitive Tech Studio 350/450Wharedale Diamond 10.2Epos ESL 8Kef IQ 300SVS SBS-02Arx 1Small... 
Best speaker under $1K...... used market
used Maggie 1.6,used Totem Arro,new Ohm Micro Walsh Tall's,new DCM TFE 200,new Wharfedale Evo2 20,new Wharfedale Diamond 9.6,new av123 Xstatic,new Infinity Classia C336,and new Swan D2.1E. 
Good speakers for a low budget
The Swan D2.1SE is on sale for $599,they would be my choice. 
Tiny Dancer vs Strata Mini
The Tiny Dancer,both are overpriced for what they offer,the Mini Strata have no midbass punch and poor dynamics,they are not very fullrange like,the Dancers are a little hot in the topend,the Tiny Dancer by a nose.Their are better out there for th... 
Aerial 10T vs B&W 802 Nautilus
The 10T's so much more musical than the 802's. 
Your ''best kept secret'' speaker choice ?
The Swan F2.2F stunning build and it competes with super speakers all for for under $6k. 
Swans Swan D2.1SE and M1
Imagine if those D2.1SE's were a pair of F2.2F's,the 803's would be gone and there would be no thought of the 800D's all for under $6k.Yeah the D2.1SE is a great little standmounter with nice upper 30's bass,they are Dynaudio like,they need a lot ... 
$ 2500 ....Stay with Vandersteens ??...what else ?
My vote goes for the Wharfedale Opus2 M2 $2699 with the stands thru Wildwestelectronics,stunning standmount with floorstander bass. 
What's your speaker IQ, and the best speaker?
Some speakers I have owned because the list is to long:Paradigm AtomParadigm Monitor 5Wharfedale Diamond 8.1AR S20'sBoston Accoustic VR10Wharfedale Evo 40Kef Q1Tannoy MercuryX 2B&W 303B&W 602 S3Accoustic Energy Aeigis Evo 1Monitor Audio Br... 
Integrated amp with phono section for Totem Arro
Rebbi,by all means go check out the Peachtree Decco intergratedamp,it combines Scott Nixon's Dac and 50 watt Chip amp,with a tube preamp linestage.The Decco is distributed thru Signal Path,the fine folks who was importing Musical Fidelity in U.S. ... 
Integrated amp with phono section for Totem Arro
Rebbi,I was a owner of the Arro,the Unison Unico was a Magical combination with Mullard tubes in the preamp stage,it was really shocking how great that combo was.That was over 4 years ago and the Unico has gone up in price a bunch,but thank China ... 
Best bookshelf monitor under $1000 new or used.
Get you a pair of Era Design D5's,new they are hands down the best speakers to be had under $1k. 
Small room, "budget priced" speaker advice, please
Rebbi,congrats on the purchase of the Arro,a trully special speaker,and congrats to you with the help of Mapman and everyonelse for the best budget speaker thread I've seen on any forum for about 2 years,it should really help future buyers if they...