Best short-lived band?

1) Derek and the Dominoes
2) Stephen Stills Manassas
3) Orleans
john hall rules......

stills can call it anything but its still stephen

D & the D's wasnt a band. just somethin to fill the void.
miss carl R.

hows about the sandford and townsend band?
Blind Faith, or how about The Traveling Wilburys?
Could short be defined as a couple years? If so how about Cream of the sixties.
Northern Pikes (Canada) alot of fun live back in the mid-80's.
Great bar band (did a very few CDs) and new how to keep a crowd dancing for hours.
The Jimi Hendrix Experience....

The Rolling Stones

(just kidding)

Never mind the bollocks, how about the Sex Pistols? Or the Gram Parsons-era Flying Burrito Brothers?
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Happy the Man

I see someone remembers Steve Still's Manassas...
The 1st double album is a great album I still have and love...
Kind of odd sound what with the 'cuban bluegrass' arrangements.
Xiekitchen, you are so right! Stephen certainly assembled an all-star band to play virtually any kind of music. That album featured standard rock, country, cuban bluegrass (Stephen grew up in central america) and great blues.
The musicians:
Stephen Stills - vocals, guitar, keyboards
Chris Hillman - vocals, guitar, mandolin
Dallas Taylor - drums
Paul Harris - keyboards
Fuzzy Samuels - bass
Al Perkins - vocals, best peddle steel I ever heard
Joe Lala - vocals, percussion

I don't think any band played so many different kinds of music so perfectly and not lose a double album flow!

A truly amazing album that for me stands alongside "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" and the "Are You Experienced" as my favorites.
Here are three that were around long enough to get into our heads, but went away before we could really glom on to them:
1) Creedence Cleawater Revival. You can throw out a lot of dates, but lets go with 1967 - 1971
2) The Doors. Interestingly enough, also 1967 - 1971
3) The Smiths. 1982 - 1987

I'll also agree with The Beatles nomination.
What about The Band breaking up in 1976. Way too early for us die hard fans. Hell, Levon Helm is still performing in his 60's with his Midnight Ramblers !!
Ramatam.... If you must ask, then google.
Blind Faith
Crabby Appleton
Fever Tree
Amboy Dukes (w/ John Drake)
Byrds (original members)
David and David
Bob Seger System
Robin Trower (w/ James Dewar)
King Crimson (w/ Greg Lake)
Faces (w/ Rod Stewart)
Buffalo Springfield
Joy of Cooking
little village and blind faith get my vote
Joy Division - two lps 5 ep singles
then Ian took his life

a sound and vision from the glaring stark reality of manchester england
The Hendrix Experience and Band Of Gypsy's! We were so lucky to get so much great music in such a short time
Tommy Tutone - 867-5309
Blind Melon and Sublime. I beleive both these bands were in their artistic infancy when we lost them. RIP Bradley and Shannon.
Yow, Aiudiofeil! - Thought I was the only one that remembered Crabby Appleton ! I've searched but haven't found them it still possible?

How about "Good Rats"?

You have a great list of bands here. I really like David and David - esp. "Welcome to the Boomtown". Was living in Houston mid-80s after the oil industry crashed when that came out.
Must have missed this when you first posted.
05-29-07: Audiofeil
Blind Faith
Crabby Appleton
Fever Tree
Amboy Dukes (w/ John Drake)
Byrds (original members)
David and David
Bob Seger System
Robin Trower (w/ James Dewar)
King Crimson (w/ Greg Lake)
Faces (w/ Rod Stewart)

Lots of good choices already, but I'd add a few more:

The Reivers
Uncle Tupelo
The Delevantes
The New Radicals
James Gang
The dBs
Hindu Love Gods

This thread is a good opportunity to remember those who left us (one way or another) too soon.

There is a new release from Mountain - haven't heard it so I can't speak to the quality (or lineup, for that matter) - but thought you might like to know.

Rain Tree Crow
Marty - Thanks. I'll look for that. Felix will be missed in any lineup...but if Leslie is there...might be good.
Hard to believe no one has mentioned the group SPIRIT. IMHO, one of the all time great bands.
Spirit were hardly shortlived
Detroit......Mitch Ryder doing the great album
The Rock and Roll hall of fame has a section dedicated to "one-hit wonders." My peronal favorite is the We Five.
Jake and the Family Jewels
taste, the sex pistols, the lovin spoonful, brownsville station, the jeff beck group(yea that one), the yardbirds, fanny, earthquake, the original mothers of invention
one hit wonders
Green Eyed Lady - Sugarloaf
Good God
Darryl Way's Wolf
Bella Band
Gentle Giant did some great stuff but they lasted for 10 years and put out 12 albums.
Ginger Baker Trio: Ginger Baker, Bill Frissel, Charlie Haden. Check 'em out, GREAT power trio jazz/rock.
How about "Toby Beau"
The band broke up before the first album was released
David and David, one absolutely amazing record.

Fortunately reissued, remastered, restamped on Classic Records.
Stevecham, David Baerwald has several equally excellent solo albums.