Single ended RCA preamp short list

Typically preamps w/ both balanced and unbalanced in/out connections sound better in balanced mode.

What are the top single ended (unbalanced) preamps?
I have listened to many preamps with single ended and balanced outs and prefer the single ended every time. A great single ended pre is the Shindo line of preamps
Agree with Shindo. Another domestic is Herron.
Agree with Shindo and Herron, CAT's, VAC's and older Hovland's are also great SE performers.'d have to consider the Robert koda K10 as a top. It does has one balanced in and out, however the single balanced input and out are accomplished via transformers.

Nagra, lamm and Conrad Johnson are 3 more...
Joule Electra and First Sound.
Emotive Audio (not Emotiva). All single ended tubes, made in Pennsylvania. Great equipment. I'm listening to mine right now.
Wavac, FM Acoustics
Audio Horizons past and current production models.
Second the Conrad Johnson recommendation.