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Do 180g vinyls sound better or is it a myth ?
A lot could be written in response to your question and I’ll try to limit it to the essentials.180 gram vinyl does not necessarily sound better than vinyl of more standard thicknesses. I would qualify the above poster’s statement that other factor... 
Elrog 300B vs Takatsuki 300B tubes
I very rarely go on Audiogon these days and even less frequently look at Audiogon threads, but this one came up last night in a google search when I was looking for something else and I read it through. I know that this will not be news to most of... 
Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??
Dear Sunnyjim:As I understand it, the Evolution Acoustics is basically a full-range speaker - unless it is used in a gigantic room, it does not require a sub. It did not play at all like a monitor in the system I heard it in - I was really impress... 
Is $3000 pushing the limits for a geat monitor??
It's surprising that no one has mentioned the Evolution Acoustics MMMicros One's (also referred to as "Micro One"). If you look through the threads, you'll see that the issue is not whether they sound great - pretty much everyone who has heard the... 
BAT REX amps
Thanks to all. 
BAT REX amps
Dear Ken: How would you compare the VK-75SE to the REX amps?Thank you. 
BAT REX amps
Victor ("Chipmunk") is BAT. 
Maxell or TDK?
Another comment that having the cassette deck bias tweaked for the tape was crucial to best performance ... Analogique in Manhattan did this for me and the difference was not subtle. 
450 Pound Monobloc Amplifier
The 30/30 is probably not quite that heavy - VAC lists weight in-box. I weighed my 70/70 - 93 lbs. Still heavy, but not like the CAT amps - 192 lbs. per chassis. I helped my friend lift his - Jeeeesus. 
Do you leave the Jeff Rowland Amp on all the time
There are hundreds of threads on Audiogon that treat the issue of "on/off" versus "24/7 operation", some of which are considerably more thoughtful than this one. For sound quality, the vast majority of equipment sounds better when left on 24/7. Wh... 
Great Rock Tracks With Piano?
"Aladdin Sane" has a smoking piano solo by Mike Garson. Very impressive sonically as well. Oh, just saw the OP mentioned this - he's on to something. :)For barrelhouse blues, Ian Stewart's opening solo on "Flight 505" - I hope they play it at my f... 
Jeff Rowland Preamps
"the Coherence-II was a very elegant component but needed a special battery-pack that petered out every few years. it didn't last very long in the market for any number of reasons- the batteries? too expensive to produce? technical issues?" It was... 
B&W 804 diamond or previous 803D?
There is some misunderstanding about what 804's can do - regardless of the vintage, they are small speakers that don't move the kind of air that 803's do. Put another way, the 803's are borderline full-range speakers, while the 804's are not - the... 
Can anyone recommend a ARC repair service in NYC a
I suspect that Peter Ledermann (Soundsmith) is authorized for ARC. Is the piece under warranty or are you just looking for high quality service? If the latter, Peter is the man. Easy to get to from NJ, too - he's in Peekskill. 
Ayre V-5Xe or Bryston 4B-ST
I have not heard that combo, but all things being equal, my experience has been that most people prefer the sound of a zero-feedback amp like the Ayre. The Bryston is an honest product that features very good build quality for the money, but it so...