Baby name opinion....

Expecting a child, a baby girl. I have never been one for unusual names but one that I have never heard as a name has been nagging me as a consideration. ....Stereo..... Am I just getting used to the sound of a totally ridiculous and cruel first gift to her? Initially our friends just laughed but some are coming around with positive comments... Stereo....
I guess it's better than "Mono", but I don't think I'd do that to my daughter...just my opinion.
no I do not think so - stereo is bad
I would think long and hard about naming a child that, especially in a world ever moving towards multichannel!

Seriously, it would make a good pet name, but for a person? Especially a girl? I wouldn't go there.

Now, I do have a puppy named 'Bean' which sounded ridiculous when our daughter first said it, but now it is really fun, some times she's a jelly bean, coffee bean, etc....
Many names that have a Latin origin end in "o" for males and "a" for females (eg. Mario and Maria, Antonio and Antonia). So some people might think "Stereo" is a masculine name. However, the word "stereo" is Greek in origin, not Latin ("stereos" or "solid", as in a solid image in the audiophile sense).

As to the "cruel first gift" point you mentioned, I think that Frank Zappa's daughter, Moon Unit, changed her name when she got older, although her brother Dweezil seemed cool with his name.

Still, beauty is in the eyes and ears of the beholder so best wishes with whatever you choose. There are many beautiful, distinctive, uncommon things and names can be one of them in our modern world. My daughters have uncommon names too.
Not keen on Stereo either, but we just named our baby girl Marley
- mainly because we heard of the name in the movie I am Legend, but the name has ties to Bob Marley which is cool.
"Solid" man, "solid".
How about "Audiophilia" Nahhh!
I think she would not like the name and hold it against you later.
When parents name their children strange names, often the long term is not and careers. Makes it hard on the child when they have off the wall names.
Am I just getting used to the sound of a totally ridiculous and cruel first gift to her?

Yes, imo.

-- Al
Going with Markphd here, stereo doesn't sound feminine to me. Generally, spanish masculine ends in o, feminine in a. How about Sterea!
You are presently at the hysterical phase of baby-naming. At this point, you have tried all the names you can possibly imagine and none of them seems to fit. You feel you must nonetheless come up with a name, any name, or you will have to call the baby "It" or "Thing" and so you grasp at any floating straw. "Spumoni." "Hazard Warning." "Platelet." "Shrek."

There is no solution but trust. The child will let you know her name without the possibility of doubt when the time comes. Realize this and enjoy the wacko notions you come up with in the meantime.

With warm good wishes from a guy whose first kid was going to be named "Water Tap" for a couple of weeks before his birth.
I wanted to name my son "Spider" but no one else liked it,especially my wife! So, a good compromise is to give the child a fairly normal first name and an unusual middle name. They won't hate you and they can go by their middle name if they so choose.
you're just setting her up to be picked on by her classmates Prologic and Fivepointone Surround.
A number of years ago a guy named his son "Bryston". Anyways, he told the Bryston people about it at one of the annual shows, the CES I think. He got a free integrated amp out of it! Good stuff.

Hmmm... so name your daughter "Alexandria" and then have a talk with the people at Wilson! It's better than "Watt Puppy".
On the other hand, I think Seven is still up for grabs!
(Unless George Costanza finally got married and had a kid!)

Oh and NO, don't do it!
Name your kid something normal, and not:
Dweezel, Moon Unit, China, Apple, Scout, Rumor, Adolph Hitler, or any of the other lunatic names that the Rock N'Roll and/or Hollywood crowd, (and others), have come up with lately!

Do your kid a favor and let them have a normal childhood.

(Okay, Apple is not so bad, but two thumbs down on the rest.)
if it were twins, a boy and a girl then Sterea and Stereo.

I hope you don't try for quints just to use.......yeah you got it.....surround sound LF, etc.
Don't name your child that. Your Daughter has to go through life with that name and not you.
"Klenex", or "Jello" are about the same sort of name! Are you trying to make your daughter hate you from the womb?
"Rig" is easier to say and sticks with you. Call her Rig. ;)
I would not name my daughter stereo--her middle name is Alexandra but not named after any equipment--take your time and find a name you really like --remember it will be with her an entire lifetime--Elizabeth may be on to something about hating you even from the womb--think !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first-- also if she was conceived in a car don't use that name either ie. prefix --toyota--:)
Your friends must really respect you, but don't do this to her. Don't mistake an unusual name with a ridiculous one.
Fidelity......if you must
I doubt "Vinyl" or "Tube" would be considered ideal :)

I really like EveAnna, very unique name and happens to be the president of Manley Labs. She's a really cool lady, quirky and has a great sense of humour.
only if you have a son named 'mono' and save your money for a children's therapist down the road.
Sophia......after the nice sounding tube amps...congrats! way...mabey if it was the 60's and you were a Hippie living in no where man's land in a Hippie Community.
My wife has taught first grade for thirty years and she's seen more than her share of "creative" names. Your proposed name would definitely be the kind of name that gets a kid tagged as unusual, which isn't usually what most kids want. Fitting in and feeling accepted is what the majority of kids (and adults) want. If she wants to demonstrate her free spirit and individuality, she'll find her own way. If you insist though, I'd vote for one of the French nouns for stereo, "Chaine" (with a circumflex accent on the i.) Don't know what a native French speaker would think about it though.

'Cadence' is a good name. It means 'flow of sounds'
LOL, I just told my wife about your idea. She laughed and said it reminded her of the time she had parents who named their two daughters after their passion: "Margarita" and "Tequila."
I compromised with my wife and named our daughter Jasmine
so I could nickname her after my "passion", Jazz!
I was going to suggest you name her Symphony but then she might get a nickname Phony. That wouldn't be good. How about Harmony?

My wife named our first boy Shanachie because she heard it on the radio and liked the sound. As you may know, it is the name of a record label. On further investigation (after naming him) we learned that it means "Tribal Historian" or storyteller in Gaelic.

So good names are all around. Listen for one and you will know it when you hear it. Keep in mind that it needs to work well with your last name. If its Hoar, don't name her IMA.
Unless she is a twin then go with "mono'

Think twice (no pun intended).

I do like Cadence very much! Classy!
I'm impressed. Some of you guys picked some respectable names that aren't at all weird. I guess that "Rack" or "8 Track" are out then?
Stwange. Vewy vewy stwange.
You'll get tired of the name before she's three. Start with "The Baby Name Bible" by Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz and go from there.
Sooner or later your wife will suggest a name and it will just sound right, whatever it is, till then keep throwing them out.
Call her Linn
Only if you change your name to idiot. Just kidding, I have a daughter-in-law named Tomorrow and she HATES her name. Names last forever, give it some thought. She will however, hopefully, be the joy of your life.
Since you asked. NO!
Why do people even think of doing things like this?

Don't you realize that naming a child and naming a pet are very different things?

Can't you think of any better reason to name your child than the way the name makes YOU feel? Or the way it sounds to YOU?

Some reason that may actually have something to do with who SHE is?

That's right: It's not about you, it's about HER. (Hard as that may be to believe.)
Is "Stereo" your second choice? Because "Seven" is allready taken!

Summer Phoenix named his son Indiana August. Frank Zappa's kids are Dweezil and Moon Unit.

And there are more:

How about the middle name, Channel?
How about Audiogon? Only kidding, don't even think about it!!!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! I must tell everyone I had so many belly laughs reading all your responses! Thanks so much for so many thoughtful responses. I couldn't believe the volume of interest in this thread! By the way my wife agrees with the consensus, but even she sometimes automatically refers to her daughter to be as Stereo. I think this "pet" name works ok in the womb but real life is a different story. So here my quest for this name ends. Thanks all for your thoughts. Some of your suggestions are now on our list!
Stereo is still a better name than:(translated) "TheArtistPreviouslyKnownAsPrince".
My brother vowed as a child to name his first daughter, if a daughter, "Felony." Cause it's pretty. Or perhaps "Twizler." Because and female child who survived puberty with a name like that would be bound to be a force of nature.

Now that he's actually on the verge of spawning (next month), he's thought better of it. A wise decision.

And then there was the friend who announced that he'd lick the "boy problem" for his daughter proactively by just not potty training her. Cause yuck, who would want to date that? Thing is, some one will -- and, by being "clever," you've guaranteed it's going to be the "wrong" guy....

I'd reconsider, personally.
" Or perhaps Twizler because and female child who survived puberty with a name like that would be bound to be a force of nature. "

So if its a boy then, just name him "Sue".
I work at the local airport and have seen some doozies. Two that stand out are:

Snowhite(last name)and...Marvel Hammer!(I kept the luggage tag as proof).
If I had another girl(I have two[Morgan and Terran])she'd be Kapena Lea.