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Beta Unit On The Way To Friend.
Forgot to say it's the new PS Audio transport.  
Tube Preamp with Solid State Amp?
I’ve used a Blue Circle BC3000 with a Plinius SA100 MKII with great results. 
Looking for an integrated amp around 4000 to 5000.
I have this:https://sigsound.com/gran-filarmonia/ 
Reference Full Function Tube Preamplifier
What's the difference in price?  
Audiophile speakers that get loud
Loud and small don't go together, Sir.  
$30K DAC in a $70K system - wise or ridiculous?
Rotel?!!!  April 1st is next year.  
Personal amp evolution
Carver 1.0Adcom 565 mono'sClasse 15Plinius SA100 MK2(Then upgraded to MK3 status)BAT Vk75ASL 1009 mono'sArs-Sonum FilarmoniaArs-Sonum Gran Filarmonia  
Most annoying song, period.
"Purple People Eater""Ina Gada Davida(?)""Blinded By The Light""Pinball Wizard""Elvira""Turn The Beat Around(Gloria Estefan version)"  
Why discussions generate into personal affronts...
One of the funniest happened on "Soundstage" 22 years ago. It was between Myles Astor and another insider.It got to the point where Myles said:"I can bench 400 lbs,......!"To this day, I regret not printing the discussion.  
Proceed CD Library
Have you tried contacting Madrigal(haven't read the entire thread, if you have)?  
A reappearance of Black Diamond Racing?
Slaw, It replaced the Bright Star bladder thingie’s that would always catch on one side. Music was clearer if I remember correctly. I sold it to a friend who sold it back to me.The "Source" has been drilled to accommodate my transport directly. 
A reappearance of Black Diamond Racing?
I have an original shelf that I bought from the reviewer when PF was a magazine('97). I have a Source version that'll replace the plexiglass on my Oracle transport.  
Proceed CD Library
Shop moved twice and is now defunct. Was $12k new.I was going to have it in my l barracks room(Air Force) which would've replaced the Pioneer PD-75(ended up with a PS Audio Lambda and Ultralink 2). 
Ars-Sonum And External Preamps...
I asked Rich this morning about connecting dual-mono Bam’s and he said:Source to Bam Bam to appropriate input. The volume has to wide open which bypasses the circuit enabling preamp usage.What mod do you have? I have an Audio MagicPulse Gen ZX.  
Merlins vsm +Ars-Sonum Filarmonia + pdp3 dac = unbelievable sound
Just think how it would sound with an up-to-date dac.