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Any updated break-in info on Merlin Duelund Upgrd
Any updates? 
California Audio Show 2012
I was playing Chess and forgot. 
Audiogon sellers, please stop and read this thread
A few years ago when these were really numerous, I'd get multiple scams in my email box. In retaliation, I would forward the sender's message to another scammer. 
Pubul57- audiophile, philosopher, and friend
As a fellow Merlin owner, he contacted me on my cellphone, but I didn't return his call. I wish I had as it's still on my voicemail. 
Differences?Dunleavy SCI III vs ProAc Response 2.5
Didn't the III's get a so-so/bad review? 
If you can get a discount and not have your listening room next to the Panda exhibit, you should be okay. 
Has anyone heard thLight Harmonic Da Vinci USB DAC
Saw it last year@the Dagogo show and checked-in 001 at work(I'm an airport Skycap). The dac is optimized for USB which I'm not interested in.Last year is was $15k with a $5k show discount. Now it's $20k and still made here in Sacramento. 
"The Heat Pipes are coming"... The Heat Pipes are
Pictures or "it never happened" as is the mantra on a favorite guitar forum. 
Magico Q1 versus Mini II
I heard the Q1@the Dagogo show last year and liked it. Never heard the Mini II. The dealer had big M.I.T. boxes connected. 
need help wiring Merlin vsm mme speakers
You can use pennies also. 
PS Audio PWD MkII vs W4S DAC2
Actually it's Howard. 
Why DACs have no BNC Digital In
I have a bunch of the Audient Technologies Audit/Tactic interface boxes that provide impedance matching and allow me to convert to any connection method I choose aside from Toslink. 
Why DACs have no BNC Digital In
The better dacs do. That Toslink garbage along with USB spreads like a weed. 
PS Audio PWD MkII vs W4S DAC2
I don't have the dac, but a friend does(want to edit the system, but can't since the site update). If you didn't write the review, you shouldn't be upset. I can tell by the way he writes that he doesn't have much experience writing or reviewing.Ne... 
Sonic difference between the CAT JL2 Sig & CAT JL3
Why post to an old thread with a question tha has nothing o do with the original post from six years ago?