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QRT Technology only in Nordost products...
Buy a used product if you want the benefit. Nordost has it all wrapped up. 
Where Can I get the Altis CDIII remote repaired?
Do a Google search. 
PS Audio PWD MkII vs W4S DAC2
Tao,The link you posted was an irritating read and I wouldn't use his advice at all(I hope he doesn't speak the waynhe writes). 
How many components need to be networked?
One should it. The Upside is the ability to access those services from any one component once the service fee has been paid. 
I am set on all but speakers, need advice on those
For whatever reason, no one has mentioned the placement of your components. Are you actively listening or just enjoying background music? 
Sacramento, California
I saw the "baby" versions at a show a few years back. The big ones are 800w@$100k. 
What Audio Show to Attend?
Dagogo is the closest for me in No. California. 
B&W 808 about its sound
The Matrix 800 was it's replacement and probably better. 
GNSC has closed . . .
He modded my Altis dac w/Black Gates and installed the "Speed of Light" mod also. 
Sacramento, California
Rainbow Electronics on Madison Ave could do it. 
Went To Best Buy Yesterday...
Went To Best Buy Yesterday...
@Courant,If you turn off 120hz, will you still have an HD picture? 
looking for Kyocera cdp
Google Deete's in Sacramento. 
Denon or Yamaha
How are they better? 
Your Worst Audio Breakdown
My fault:Powering a Plinius SA100 MKII with no cables attached.Burned out an Op Amp on a tweak by squirting cleaning liquid in an RCA which entered the cable.Girlfriend's Fault:Showing off to a friend and turned the system on with the volume on hi...