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Another person going digital and full of questions
Today I received a Cary DMS-600 direct from Cary in NC that was a trade-in for 1800 delivered.  Arrived in Mint condition.  They have another DMS-500 unit for 1200 and perhaps more units available.  I've liked the Cary CD players I've had in the p... 
GaN amps: Peachtree or LSA Voyager?
I for one am seriously looking forward to pairing the new class D Atma-sphere monos with my Tannoy Stirling GR' MF'in ha!  
Amp Recommendations for Marantz 7c
Rumor has it RAM Labs/Music Ref is coming out with an updated RM10 Mk3 in a few months.......if I didn't already have a pristine RM10 Mk2 bought new from Roger in 2011 I'd be onboard.  
Tannoy Everyone?! with Leben CS600 or Pass XA25/30.5?
I use and really enjoy a Music Reference RM-10 Mk II, 35 wpc w/my Stirling GR's since 2019 driven by a Cary 303/300 cdp w/internal volume control and it's plenty of power in a medium size room w/vaulted ceiling.  I normally listen around 75-85 dB ... 
JPS Labs Superconductor Q
Great sounding cables...JPS Labs fan here.  Have them re-terminated at JPS w/bigger spades or bananas or what I did years ago.  Unscrewed and removed the binding post of the speakers I had at the time and carefully used a dremel tool w/a cylindric... 
Are Music Reference amps still available new?
Congrats on the Mk III and new website clio09!   Do you ever have trade-in's or refurbished MR amps for sale?  Again, thanks for recapping mine recently - it's sounding great and doing fine.  
Tannoy anyone? Cheviot Legacy vs. Stirling GR
hang in there Budburma they'll settle in.  Mine (new Stirlings 2019) took awhile to mellow out and become expansive but I swear they keep getting better all the time.  Congrats on a great choice you won't regret it.    
Roger Miller anyone?
A fan here for sure, classic.  As a kid growing up in the 60's frequently heard Roger on am radio and tv programs and as I've gotten older I have a real appreciation for him and other similar 60's Nashville sound artists of that era.  Sad that cig... 
Bluesound Node 2021 DAC - I sold my Denafrips Ares II
apologies for the derail if it's taken as that sorry happy listening!  
Bluesound Node 2021 DAC - I sold my Denafrips Ares II
Thanks for this thread I'm just about to take the plunge into the digital world totally clueless (grew up w/45's, LP's & 8 tracks) and have really would like to have a 1 box solution, preferably wireless wifi connected.  We just got AT&T f... 
Recommend new EL84 tubes
I recommend Anthony at He's taken over the helm at Music Reference and has select EI and Sovtek EL84M.  I've used them exclusively in my RM10 for over 11 years and Never had one short or wear out.  
Impressions of Coincident Speakers
Hi Brad mine were placed about 8 feet apart between rack and about 18" from rear wall which is the long wall and sounded better with the woofers pointed inward.  Good luck and have fun!  
Impressions of Coincident Speakers
I owned a pair of Partial Eclipse II's for over 12 years that I bought new and have nothing but good things to say about them.  Always ran them with lower powered tube amps from 12 to 55 wpc.  When the amp wasn't up to snuff the Partials revealed ... 
Any love for Talon Raven-c speakers?
I had a pair in early 2000's I bought used and only ever ran them with a Pass X250 amp, Pass preamp and various CDP's.  I really enjoyed them.  Great sounding, powerful bass, good highs and mids - not harsh or fatiguing, at least with my setup.  T... 
Tannoy Stirlings on the way!
Big thanks muveling!  Looks like it's readily available a few places.  I've only waxed mine once since 2019 and the factory supplied will be gone in another application or so.  Curious, where did you order yours?