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Looking for great jazz guitar recordings - any recommendations?
Kenny Burrell, Midnight BlueGrant Green, The Complete Quartets w/Sonny Clark or Feelin' the Spirit album or any of Grant's early workPat Metheny Group, self-titled and Offramp to start 
What's in your CDP tonight? the minority report
Vetiver, The Errant Charm 
Recommendation for higher power tube amp
Years ago I owned the Pass X250 amp w/the power meter on the front and borrowed a pair of 2.3's from my local shop they had for sale used and it was amazing how they buried the needle on the power output needle on the faceplate ie took a huge amou... 
VAC 160i SE vs Audio Research GSi75
I owned the vsi55 years ago & didn't care for it.  Ballsy but not quite 20/20 vision if you get my drift.  Cant imagine the 75 would be that much different.  I'd definitely go VAC having heard their products a few times and talking w/Kevin who... 
Bobbie Gentry or Dusty Springfield?
love em both grew up listening to that may want to checkout delta sweetie by mercury rev fantastic hears some info: A tribute to Bobbie Gentry's 1968 gem The Delta Sweete that features an amazingly talented group of vocalists: Hope S... 
New in 2019
Patty Griffin, self-titled.....great! 
Great guitar 'breaks" (as opposed to solos).
any of J.J. Cale's tasty little genius guitar breaks on his typically always short songs....every time I hear one I wish he would have strung it out just a little's like great meal that wasn't quite enough food to satisfy. 
Song (or music) you want played at your funeral.
LOL whart....Into the Mystic, Van Morrison 
The best music in 2019
slaw you're right on the money, but you always got good taste....tedeschi trucks, Signs.....WOW! 
Carver Crimson 275 tube amp
I'd like to see a pic of the insides if anybody has one.  Not interested in buying one, just curious.  I owned a few Carver pieces back in the 80's.   
Celebrating The 50th Anniversary of The Allman Brothers Band
tooblue thanks for the tip just sampled it on amazon....great!  I had heard a Johnny Jenkins song on one of the Duane Allman Anthology albums way back but never went deeper.  Big AB fan here since early 70's. 
What do you drive and why?
2005 Toyota Highlander's an appliance but hey it's been a great SUV....used to own a few Bimmers, Beemers and 2 great Guzzis back in the 80's & 90' favs were a '88 535is that I drove over 200k and my final bike purchase a ne... 
More Cowbell
Mississippi Queen!.....the Great Fatsby and Mountain 
New McIntosh amp build quality
+1  aolmrd1241....btw, nice dog, akita? 
Highest BUILD quality tube amps?
Having already owned tube amps from ARC, Cary & Rogue the best is my Music Reference RM-10 Mk II bought new in 2011....hard wired point to point masterpiece...bulletproof, light, small footprint, simply built, easy on tubes and great sounding....