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Conrad-Johnson Discolored (rusty?) Allen screws on side of MF-2550.
corelli, great tip on the use of styrofoam thanks! 
Conrad-Johnson Discolored (rusty?) Allen screws on side of MF-2550.
For years I've use Ospho/phosporic acid all the time to neutralize rust on parts.  It won't harm surrounding finish and gets rid of the rust.  It doesn't burn your skin like you think it might.  I use a q-tip and dip it in the bottle then lightly ... 
Tube amplifier upgrade suggestions welcome.
absolutely x2 Tony at tubeaudiostore.  I've owned a RM10 since 2011 enjoy. 
Worst Concerts You Have Attended ??
Grateful Dead, Baltimore Civic Center, late 70's.  Completely flat lackluster performance just plodding thru the songs.  When they were on the right dose they were ON but this was clearly not one of those nights.  
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Fat Mattress 
Suggest one obsure album we all should hear
Lord Sutch and Heavy Friends.  (Bought in a cut out bin at Woolworth's early 70's). 
Cary 306/200 service?
I've used diver's silicone for O-rings on scuba regulators on my 303/300 unit.  BTW, I've had to change my laser drive 3 times in 15 yrs.  Good luck - that's a great sounding unit - I had one years ago. 
Stereo systems are like Harleys
When most Harley riders looked at my airhead BMW or Guzzis they'd scoff or say something smart like this actual example, "they must be good because they're awfully ugly".  The ones who were real motorcyclists and in the know admired the machines a... 
Considering a Raven Audio Blackhawk Integrated for Tannoy Sterlings
Aric looks like a great choice - hardwired point to point etc.  A heirloom type amp.  Love to hear that setup. 
Considering a Raven Audio Blackhawk Integrated for Tannoy Sterlings
I'd go for the Raven amp if I was shopping mesch.  45 day trial period....what an opportunity to see for yourself instead of hearsay.  If I didn't have such a great pairing with my Stirling GR's with my Music Reference RM10 Mk II - that's the one ... 
RIP Tony Rice
@ranjan....sure was.  What a magical place to gather memories of a lifetime! 
So That's Where my Hazelnuts Went!
We have wood rats here.  They used to live, chew and defecate in the foam flotation areas of my aluminum jonboat stored outside and would chew the trailer wiring regularly requiring me to rewire the trailer.  Awful smell aboard and a PIA to rewire... 
RIP Tony Rice
Sad to hear the news.  I was blessed to have seen him live a few times from just a few rows back at music festivals here in the South.  At one fest I got to see him roll right by me onto the grounds in his 5 liter Mustang and he gave me a reassuri... 
What speaker – under $10k – has the best timbre and tonal qualities?
any of the Tannoy Prestige Series 
$10K Budget for Speakers: Martin Logan Masterpiece vs Tannoy
Another vote for the Tannoys here.  I owned new ML SL-3's over 20 years ago and while I enjoyed them my Stirling GR's are more enjoyable.  For a couple grand less than 10k you could have a new pair of Turnberry.