Audiogon’s transaction fees

I cannot access them. Can someone post them for me?
i cannot even contact them
Interesting that you want someone else to do your research for you.
I suggest creating a dummy ad and see the options for yourself. You can cancel it and not be charged.
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@dguitarnut Send an email to [email protected], and I will be glad to help you. 
Why should there be any mystery about this?  The fees should be posted prominently on the site.
@saelectric agreed I checked several parts of the site and you cannot see fees without creating a listing. There should be more transparency and info available.
Yes they are not stated anywhere I can see plus no way of asking this kind of question....the pull down choices for contacting support are for only 3 non related   situations.
 I emailed support per Administrator request above and have not heard back yet.

It’s so easy. In the drop down icon on the top right, click that and then click sell. It’s shows a table describing the listing cost with the associated cost of the item for sale. For example, if you are selling an item between $0 and $999, your cost will be $10 
My finders fee is $5.00 up to $100o list price and then it goes up from there!
That does not work on my IPad or Mac book pro
maybe on windows pc 
I’ve looked into this before and yes the fees are not readily available.  Really rather crazy.  I’ve sold some gear quite a while back and my recollection was that the fees at that time were more readily available so that one could consider prior to starting the process whether this was a route they might want to take.
Aren't you over joyed you don't have to screw with that pathetic Windows OS. So so nice to have a laptop like a MacBook to use.
I been trying for 2 days to get a response from support. If I have to I'll call them. They've called me in the past, that's how I know the number.
The real answer here is that there are 2 pricing structures on Agon. A tier structure for older members and a % based structure for newer members. The only way to find out which one you are in is to go through the process of creating an ad 'mock listing' and it will reveal which one you are in. Admin told me they will eventually convert everyone to the % based structure but until then everyone is confused.....As soon as they see my post they will remove probably the entire thread as to "not confuse anyone"..... Instead of explaining what's going on!

im dazed AND confused!
I still have not gotten an answer from Admin (Audiogon Official) in case you were wondering!  Lol

Sorta like ordering off the menu the item that says “Market Price”
A month ago I wanted to list an item and went through the same thing. Couldn’t find listing fees so I called a fellow Agon friend and ask him about listing fees. We both ended up going through a 'mock listing' of the same item and came up with different prices to list the same item. Through his account it gave him a tiered listing fee and through mine I got a % based fee. I emailed Agon and finally got an answer that older members were still on a tiered plan while newer members were on a % based plan and that soon everyone would be on the same % based plan.....Just a few weeks ago I stumbled across a similar thread where the OP and everyone posting was having the same issue. Some posters were saying it was tiered while others were saying no it was a % listing fee. I posted my findings and even copied and pasted the response I got from admin..... A few days later the entire thread was removed. I emailed admin asking why and was told they removed it so it wouldn’t cause any more confusion...Huh?
I was going to post my Premier power amp but this is ridiculous. I'm going somewhere else.
Yep still no answer from “ADMIN” 
I had to go thru the whole posting including credit card info before I could see what my fees where going to be.
What a strange way to do business in this day and age.
Step one enter the sell tab.
Step two enter the equipment tab.
Step three enter classified or auction tab.
Step four read the fee price.
Why are you having a problem with that?

Why do you have to enter all that info first?
you Have to fill it all out or it won’t advance to next step.

  • What do you have to fill out? The fee is listed!
Listing FeeAsking Price$10$1 — $999$25$1,000 — $1,499$50$1,500 — $3,499$100$3,500 — $9,999$150$10,000+
  • No Transaction Fees
  • Open Communication
  • One Free Re-listing
  • Quick View
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Accept All Payment Types
  • Upload Up To 16 Images
Not whenI access it on my iPad it doesn’t 
I got the same results as yogiboy on my iPad. It’s quite simple. You shoudn’t be having these problems.
Audiogon answered my queries within a day.

At the bottom of this page is 'Contact Us'.
Fill out the form and submit.
The OP, being a newer member, does not see that tiered pricing list as you and I and older members do.
If you had read previous posts you would have known this rather than going off on a misunderstanding. 
Newer members are on a % basis as we all will be eventually according to Admin. That I think means he has to jump through a few more hoops than we do to see his fees.
Simple yes?

And that last was sarcasm just in case it whizzed over everyone's head.