A'gon transactions: When is it legit to quit?

Need some help here. I posted an ad for a speaker and rec'd a response from a A'gon member indicating he definitely wanted to buy. Despite that I indicated I wouldn't ship, he said he'd have a box sent from the mfr and I agreed to ship if he bore the risk of loss and paid for shipping.

After extended back and forth (initial contact was on 3/13), he indicated on 3/22 he sent a check and ordered the box. I emailed him Tues. (4/2) and noted that I had received neither and asking if he might have sent it late or whatever, and sought confirmation we had a deal.

He replied the next day and said the check was shipped out timely, he'd contact the mfr, and said we were still on, but that he was going to stop payment on the check. I indicated that if he did that, how would he arrange for me to be paid? I heard nothing back.

I emailed again today asking what was up, and (stupidly) finally checked his member status. Turns out it was canceled or withdrawn, and there is lots of bad feedback from other A'gon users, including one on 3/17 indicating he reneged on another deal. I followed up with an email that if I didn't get a check and the box by Mon. 4/8, I would consider that he reneged on the deal for failure to tender a timely payment.

My question: Is this a reasonable stance to take in the A'gon community? I don't want to be a hard-a**, but I want to complete a sale and get this speaker out of my study.
So sorry to hear, but if he supposedly sent a check on 3/22 and you still haven’t received it, I seriously doubt it was ever sent. I know the mail is slow, as I am still waiting on something to arrive that I shipped to PR almost 2 weeks ago, but come on. Second question is why would he have stopped payment on the check? I think the negative feedback says it all. I say it’s time to move on.

Lastly, no it’s not a reasonable stance for the Agon community, just him. There are a lot of good and honest people here but unfortunately we sometimes get the A holes. Take this as a lesson hard learned and always check feedback. Good post, unfortunately at your expense, but hopefully we all can take heed to your bad experience.

There are alot of good people trading on this site.
Hang in there...

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Ed, you've hardly been a Hard A**? You have been a saint. If he has said he has stopped payment on the check and has not returned your e-mail the deal is over. Stopping payment after only 10 days was not necessary (mail is slow after 9/11). Neither of you is liable on the check if it is forged and that is the only way it can be cashed.

Sorry you were troubled. Seems to be a lot of threads lately about deals gone bad.

I remain,
Consider yourself fortunate. Although out your time you did not suffer financial hardship. I always check a prospective trading partner's feedback before entering into a transaction.
You are too nice.
Per your description, that guy is a flake,
a proven flake at that (per his feedback).
Probably best the deal did not happen, otherwise it sounds
like you might have lost more than just time.

Yes, always check the other members feedback first, before doing anything.

Edesilva, the similar thing happened to me... Seller says, OK! Let's go for it! And says he is sending the MO, 2 weeks later no MO. I usually tell ppl that are sending MO's make it overnight priority, this way I can sell to somebody else if buyer decides to get fresh. And never mark your ad as SOLD until the MO is in your bank account. At least you didn't lose out on any $$$, but time is more important than $$$. I would have sent that renegged email sooner.
I hope Audiogon would create a a sort of buyer/seller draft,
which indicates buyer agrees to pay the said amount in say10 days and sellers accept it,if the buyer does not send payment he is liable to have-ve feedback, but not the seller,same thing goes with the seller too.this way the buyer or seller does not have to fear of -ve feedack.this a must for this site!
Well the first thing one should do --when you get an offer-- Go to "my-page". There is your offer/ and user name of the prospective buyer. If the offer is from a member-- do the sales feedback check-- before you answer his email. If the offer is from a non member-- take your chances.

Deals that never materialize-- no money or goods change hands-- aren't subject to feedback.--And IMO, shouldn't be.--Treat every offer as a potential troll;till you see a Postal MO/or get the Paypal notice.That way you don't have to start threads of this sort.
Use PayPal.
I had a somewhat simliar experience, and I would like to hear whether my action is justified.

I recently responded to an ad on A-Gon for a CD player clearly stating that I would purchase the item at his price. I then got an e-mail from the seller asking me to mail the MO. I was also told that I was the third person to make an offer to buy and whoever gets the MO first in his hand would get the CD player. The other MOs will be returned to the respective party. I was dumbfounded by this request, in that I should send my MO without an express agreement/confirmation that I had the deal. So I e-mailed him that I did not believe this was the standard practice on A-Gon to mail the MO without the express agreement for sale and I did not want to pursue this item further unless I had his confirmation that we had a deal. I then got some choice words back from him, and I broke further conversation.

I checked his feedback (before offering to buy the item) and he had two positive feedbacks, so he probably was not a completel troll (but who knows really). But is this a standard practice to ask multiple people to send their MOs without making a deal first? Did I do wrong to balk at his request? I don't believe I did anything wrong, but just wanted to make sure.
TK4: that guy is a jerk. When one commits to a purchase one is committed--that's it. I doubt someone will go for such a business practice.
Tk4- Not standard practice in my experience. I've bought 20+ items here over last 3 years, and never had anyone request that.
Tk4; Yeah, I agree with the others-- a very strange thing for someone to do. Being charitable, you could say his inexperience and lack of common sense, not to mention courtesy leaves a lot to be desired.

Ed; take yourself off the hook and have a Bud. And better luck with future deals-- most go darn smooth, IMO. Cheers. Craig