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Straight up comparison REL T7 subwoofer vs Sunfire SDS 12 woofer. Preferences or opinions?
oldheavymec What is decoupling in your mind? Thanks And what is a butt plate?    
Cable co. is forcing me to rent or buy what they call a
Have learned that the box to descramble the cable signal aren’t made and what’s on the used market has been gained by stealing one from a cable company. Oh, well. Sometimes life has surprises. This one sucks though.And I’D have to obtain a cable c... 
audiocircle administration
I tried that. Can’t send or do anything w/o getting him to correct his blunder. 
tube bias
Thanks guys will email Mike. 
McIntosh vs Accuphase?
Glupsonthe mac is sold in magnolia. big difference. you just happened to leave out a detail. r u associated with msnbc or cnn? they leave out the details also. 
Elac Debut Reference
Called AA and they have a couple pr. of bookshelves and floor standers. Their price was $100 over on both. I don't want anything that bad if it's priced over retail. But, they tend to over price on a lot of gear. 
MartinLogan Dynamo 1000 or B&W ASW 675 - Newbie Needs Help
I've got the Dynamo 750 wireless and sealed with wireless connect.Never expected it to be as tight as it is with fairly large output in such a small enclosure. I would think the 1000 would be about the same with more output though. 
Has anyone heard Soundstream M3 THX amps
 The car amps were Krell designs made in US. No idea of the junk selling now. Not 100% sure if Krell designed the home gear.  
Vandersteen 2ce Signature and Signature 2?
Beetlemania,I checked on 3 pairs of Signature 2's and you're right. They all had the little 30th anniversary sticker. The ones I'm looking at are supposedly in mint condition and they look it from the pics.Thanks a bunch. 
Vandersteen 2ce Signature and Signature 2?
Thanks, beetlemania. I'm gonna call RV tomorrow. 
Vandersteen 2ce Signature and Signature 2?
I went back to the site where they are listed and noticed sometime late last night and this morning they model changed to the 2ce. No signature or signature 2. Checked the sn and their 58157 and 58158. They have the 30th Anniversary embossment/ st... 
Who are some of elite sub woofers?
Plus one for a Rythmik or SVS. So, Millercarbon, you have low end that really sucks from full range speakers where you're locked in on position. And the cost is crazy for true full range speakers. Don't know what subs you've tried but, obviously n... 
Why price of Tannoy speakers from online retailers in UK is cheaper than in US
I tried to buy a little thing from a manufacturer in England. They wanted me to pay the VAT crap. Told the guy in an email I wasn't going to support their socialist society. No f***ing way. He  
Audiogon’s transaction fees
I been trying for 2 days to get a response from support. If I have to I'll call them. They've called me in the past, that's how I know the number. 
Audiogon’s transaction fees
dguitarnutAren't you over joyed you don't have to screw with that pathetic Windows OS. So so nice to have a laptop like a MacBook to use.